Synonyms for Casserole:


cookie sheet, deep fryer, cauldron, caldron, cake pan, billy, cake tin, coffeepot, churn. crepe, couscous, croquette, egg, chili con carne, dumpling, cutlet, chicken-fried steak. dish (noun)
pottery, china, pan.
dish consisting of a combination of cooked food (noun)
stew, goulash, hash.
food (noun)
goulash, spring roll, fried eggs, egg roll, fondue, Scrambled eggs, salad, hamburger, flapjacks, hors d'oeuvre, course, Meat Loaf, tomato soup, pancakes, leftovers, side dish, cannelloni, ravioli, main course, chicken soup, taco, tortellini, eggs, macaroni, Irish Stew, enchilada, stew, omelette, soft boiled eggs, burrito, sandwich, ragout, dish, jambalaya, boiled eggs, pizza, dessert, peanut butter sandwich, hard boiled eggs, poached eggs, Chow Mein, pasta, spaghetti, pie, lasagne, stir fry, soup, macaroni and cheese, quiche.
pot (noun)

Other synonyms:

cookie sheet, deep fryer, coffeepot, chili con carne, cake pan, billy, chicken-fried steak, hash, croquette. couscous, cake tin, caldron, crepe, cutlet, dumpling. churn, egg. Other relevant words:
china, dumpling, croquette, coffeepot, loaf, billy, egg, pottery, churn, crepe, couscous, pan, cutlet, hash, cauldron, caldron.

Usage examples for casserole

  1. Cut with a knife and fork in the saucepan or casserole – School and Home Cooking by Carlotta C. Greer