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weightless - 38 results
light (adjective)

feathery, buoyant, light, delicate, airy, gossamer.

Other synonyms:

density, nett, dense, load, counterweight, light as a feather, featherlight, dead weight, underweight, heavy, lightweight, net.

Examples of usage:

It was practically weightless, though it would fall slowly if left to itself, for the mass of the Ancient Mariner and the front end of the Thessian ship made a considerable attractive field. - "Invaders from the Infinite", John Wood Campbell.

Anisty staggered, gasping, reeled, struck Maitland once or twice upon the chest,- feeble, weightless elbow- jabs that went for nothing, then concentrated his energies in a vain attempt to wrench the hands from his throat. - "The Brass Bowl", Louis Joseph Vance.

Still hardly more than half- conscious, lying, it seemed, on a soft bed where he was weightless, he stirred and flung out one arm. - "The Finding of Haldgren", Charles Willard Diffin.

Similar words:

weightiness, weightlessly, weightlift, weighted, weightlessness, system of weights, weirdness, weightily, weighting.

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