Synonyms for Mirage:


optical illusion, falsehood, fraud, a figment of your imagination, myth, imaginings. dust bowl, death valley, Birdsville Track, illusion, salt flats, hallucination, Ignis Fatuus, delusion, real, badlands, Phantasma, moonscape, Phantasm, bottomland, desert, oasis. decoy (noun)
deception, trap, blind, decoy, catch, lure, trick, bait.
illusion (noun)
illusion, delusion, fantasy, study at illusion, hallucination, Phantasm.
imaginary vision (noun)
illusion, delusion, Phantasm, Ignis Fatuus, hallucination, fantasy, optical illusion.
unsubstantiality (noun)
nonexistence, immateriality, apparition, emptiness, insignificance, intangibility, spectre, phantom, vacuity, Nihility, cipher, nullity, Ethereality, zero, impalpability, nothingness, unreality, tenuousness, vacancy.

Other synonyms:

falsehood, oasis, badlands, bottomland, optical illusion, Ignis Fatuus, moonscape, death valley, salt flats, dust bowl, Birdsville Track, illusion. fantasy, myth, fraud. Phantasma, delusion. Phantasm, desert. illusion
Other relevant words:
hallucination, bottomland, falsehood, Phantasm, optical illusion, Phantasma, oasis, imaginings, fraud, Ignis Fatuus, illusion, moonscape, desert, myth, real, delusion, fantasy, badlands.

Usage examples for mirage

  1. She began, with a certain faint excitement, to realise that these low, round- backed hills were Africa, that she was leaving behind the sea, so many of whose waves swept along European shores, that somewhere, beyond the broken and near horizon line toward which the train was creeping, lay the great desert, her destination, with its pale sands and desolate cities, its sunburnt tribes of workers, its robbers, warriors and priests, its ethereal mysteries of mirage its tragic splendours of colour, of tempest and of heat. – The Garden Of Allah by Robert Hichens