Synonyms for Historical:


chronological (adjective)
past (adjective)
past, previous, former, primordial, anteceding, ago, old, primeval, bygone, yore, yesterday's, old-time, ancient.
recorded as actually having happened (adjective)
factual, old, real, authentic, ancient, past, documented, Chronicled, classical, Commemorated, archival.
tabulated (adjective)
Filed, cataloged, collected, Inventoried, detailed, recorded, Enumerated, registered, journaled, Invoiced, Logged, summarized, totaled, Tabulated, stored, Indexed, scheduled, checked, noted, listed, Chronicled, tabled, budgeted, itemized, Summed, Audited, documented, recounted, Counted, Tallied.


pathological, aerodynamic, anthropological, psychological, theological, ontological, scientific, philosophical, cognitive. historically, those were the days, early, rewrite history, date back to, in retrospect, retrospective, the annals of something. actual (noun)
traditional, archival, authentic, Commemorated, important in history, factual, constituting history, true, classical.
historical (noun)
historic, existent, diachronic, real, past.

Other synonyms:

psychological, scientific, ontological, date back to, cognitive, theological, retrospective. pathological, aerodynamic, historically. early. Other relevant words:
diachronic, existent, cognitive, factual, aerodynamic, historic, classic, classical, true, biographical, traditional, authentic, autobiographical, historically, real, psychological, archival, Commemorated.

Usage examples for historical

  1. And, as a matter of historical experience, a class in power has always sought its own benefit rather than that of the whole people. – The Complete Essays of C. D. Warner by Charles Dudley Warner