Synonyms for Heliotrope:


purple (adjective)
damson, lilac, burgundy, violet, amethystine, plum, mulberry, raisin, livid, magenta, purple, mauve, hyacinth, orchid, lavender, grape, solferino, pansy.


alfalfa, amaryllis, Black-Eyed Susan, bluebell, baby's breath, bougainvillea, bird of paradise, anemone, begonia, aster. heliotrope (noun)
purple (noun)
lilac, orchid, mauve, mulberry, plum, violet, magenta, lavender.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
amaryllis, bloodstone, aster, begonia, bluebell, bougainvillea, anemone, alfalfa.

Usage examples for heliotrope

  1. Abby went off early to church, and I took a book out to the rustic seat by the heliotrope – The Other Side of the Door by Lucia Chamberlain
  2. Lory had the same room assigned to him that opened on to the verandah where heliotrope and roses and Bougainvilliers contended for the mastery. – The Isle of Unrest by Henry Seton Merriman
  3. This comes to him of a Sunday when he walks with Grant- brother Grant, out in the fields far away from South Harvey- where the frosty breath of autumn has turned the grass to lavender and pale heliotrope and the hills roll away and away like silent music and the clouds idling lazily over the hillsides afar off cast dark shadows that drift in the lavender sea. – In the Heart of a Fool by William Allen White