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cabby - 7 results
Other synonyms:

taxidriver, cabdriver, livery driver, hack-driver, cabman, taximan, hackdriver.

Examples of usage:

So much I read on her paper while the cabby dropped a grin from his perch. - "Embarrassments", Henry James.

Of course nobody being acquainted with his movements even before there was absolutely no clue as to his whereabouts which were decidedly of the Alice, where art thou order even prior to his starting to go under several aliases such as Fox and Stewart so the remark which emanated from friend cabby might be within the bounds of possibility. - "Ulysses", James Joyce.

" He wants the cabman to have one with him," said Cousin Egbert, whereat the other not only beckoned our cabby to join us, but called to two labourers who were passing, and also induced the waiter who served us to join in the " round." - "Ruggles of Red Gap", Harry Leon Wilson.

Similar words:

cabal, cabot, cabin, Sebastian Cabot, cabin class, cabin cruiser, power cable, coax cable, coaxial cable.

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