Synonyms for Actively:


enthusiastic (adjective)
enthusiastic, mad about something, keen, born-again, fervent, eager, hooked, wholehearted, avid, motivated.


actively (adverb)
animatedly, lively, industriously, busily, eagerly, dynamically, enterprisingly, energetically.
energetically (adverb)
mightily, ardently, spiritedly, forcefully, energetically, strongly, powerfully, vivaciously, snappily, effervescently, potently, vigorously, zealously, fervidly.
hard (adverb)
animatedly, spiritedly.
powerfully (adverb)
vigorously (adverb)
fierily, eagerly, friskily, Agitatedly, fervently, emphatically, animatedly, energetically, zestfully, lustily, enthusiastically, earnestly, passionately, industriously, ardently, spiritedly, vigorously, excitedly, potently, zealously, exuberantly, strongly, powerfully.


actively (adverb)
animatedly, lively, industriously, busily, eagerly, dynamically, enterprisingly, energetically.
eagerly (adverb)
zestfully, ardently, enthusiastically.
energetically (adverb)
spiritedly, vigorously, snappily, vivaciously, forcefully, zealously, mightily, ardently, strongly, effervescently, fervidly, potently, powerfully.
hard (adverb)
animatedly, vivaciously, vigorously, earnestly, powerfully, energetically, strongly, spiritedly.
industriously (adverb)
seriously (adverb)
zealously, fervently, passionately.
strongly (adverb)
vigorously (adverb)
excitedly, eagerly, fierily, enthusiastically, earnestly, forcefully, fervently, lustily, Agitatedly, zestfully, exuberantly, friskily, passionately, emphatically.


active, complicit, be harnessed to, serious, engaged, concerned, submerged, in the process of doing something, involved. actual, e'er, entirely, bloody, awful, any, e'en, even, awfully.

Other synonyms:

actual, involved, submerged, e'en, awfully, any, engaged, complicit, bloody. entirely, serious, even, concerned. awful. active. Other relevant words:
born-again, any, keen, avid, involved, enthusiastic, complicit, eager, engaged, actual, e'en, bloody, active, motivated, even, entirely, hooked, submerged, concerned, awful, serious, wholehearted, fervent, awfully.

Usage examples for actively

  1. The study of geography, scenes and incidents in foreign countries, showing the lives and customs and surroundings of other peoples, is obviously more entertaining to the child when actively depicted on the screen than when merely described in words. – Edison, His Life and Inventions by Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin
  2. It took her about one- half of her time, actively engaged, to attend to her family. – The Lights and Shadows of Real Life by T.S. Arthur Edition: 10 Language: English
  3. Such an evening walk came indeed to be an almost irresistible necessity to me after each actively spent day. – Autobiography of Friedrich Froebel by Friedrich Froebel