Synonyms for Tutoring:


Pedagogics, education, instruction, tuition, teach, tutelage, pedagogy. coaching (noun)
guidance, private teaching, education, tutelage, instruction.
education (noun)
teaching, Pedagogics, pedagogy, schooling.
instruction (noun)
guidance, education, training, tutelage, tuition, coaching.


teaching (verb)
guiding, Imbuing, Educating, Inculcating, training, enlightening, lecturing, teaching, drilling, edifying, coaching, Instructing, instilling, schooling, Indoctrinating.

Other synonyms:

Pedagogics, education. pedagogy, instruction. Other relevant words:
pedagogy, tutelage, education, coaching, guidance, Pedagogics, tuition, instruction, teach.

Usage examples for Tutoring

  1. After several years of tutoring at Philipse Manor, he was ordained to the ministry and served the missions at Gloucester and St. Mary's, Colestown, New Jersey. – The Colonial Architecture of Philadelphia by Frank Cousins Phil M. Riley
  2. She had been tutoring all during the month of June, beginning just as soon as her labours were over at Gresham; and having had no rest at all she was in a state of exhaustion pitiable to behold. – Vacation with the Tucker Twins by Nell Speed