Synonyms for Inflexibility:


resist, obdurateness, remorselessness, inexorableness, Implacability, intransigence, intransigency, die-hardism, incompliancy, obduracy, inexorability, Incompliance, grimness, Implacableness, relentlessness. attribute (noun)
inflexibleness, rigidity.
inelasticity (noun)
inelasticity, firmness, immovability, stiffness, rigidity.
inflexibility (noun)
inflexibleness, rigidity.
obduracy (noun)
obstinacy (noun)
obstinacy, hardheadedness, tenacity, contumacy, bullheadedness, contrariness, stubbornness, mulishness.
solidity (noun)
stability, ossification, petrifaction, toughness, temper.
stubbornness (noun)
intransigence, intransigency, inflexibleness, Implacability, determination, obduracy, Implacableness, obdurateness, Incompliance, rigidity, contumacy, die-hardism, incompliancy, obstinacy, inexorableness, grimness, mulishness, relentlessness, bullheadedness, remorselessness, inexorability.

Other synonyms:

die-hardism, obdurateness, intransigence, incompliancy, intransigency, Implacableness, relentlessness, obduracy, inexorability, remorselessness, Incompliance, inexorableness, grimness. Implacability.

Usage examples for inflexibility

  1. It was a doleful religion, with little promise or hope in it, and a great deal of blood and suffering between the world and its doubtful reward; but Sarah Newbolt lived according to its stern inflexibility and sang its sorrowful hymns by day, as she moved about the house, in a voice that carried a mile. – The Bondboy by George W. (George Washington) Ogden
  2. Those who bring forward such accusations little know the inflexibility of his principles on this point. – The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte by Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton