Synonyms for Roadless:


roadless (noun)
pathless, trackless, untrodden, inaccessible, untracked, unaccessible, untrod.

Other synonyms:

pathless, trackless, untracked, untrod, untrodden.

Usage examples for roadless

  1. It was springless and without seats, and had a long pole to which two horses were fastened, and Estanislao, mounted on one, would thrash them into a gallop and carry the thing bounding over the roadless plain. – Far Away and Long Ago by W. H. Hudson
  2. We will take it for granted that our specimens have safely passed through all perils by land and water, road and rail; that they have been quarried, boxed, carted over a roadless country to the nearest railway, and have withstood 2, 000 miles of jolting in a freight- car. – Animals of the Past by Frederic A. Lucas