Synonyms for Hamburger:


cheeseburger, bologna, Salisbury Steak, baloney, ground chuck, chorizo, ground round, boloney. food (noun)
hors d'oeuvre, pizza, macaroni and cheese, enchilada, quiche, burrito, cannelloni, fried eggs, egg roll, stew, omelette, poached eggs, leftovers, peanut butter sandwich, Scrambled eggs, main course, Irish Stew, soft boiled eggs, fondue, pancakes, lasagne, casserole, taco, hard boiled eggs, eggs, ragout, stir fry, Chow Mein, macaroni, salad, goulash, flapjacks, chicken soup, side dish, jambalaya, pie, soup, tomato soup, sandwich, dish, course, tortellini, spaghetti, spring roll, ravioli, dessert, pasta, boiled eggs.
ground beef sandwich (noun)
Salisbury Steak, cheeseburger, ground round, ground chuck.
meat (noun)
hot dog, roast beef, mutton, minute steak, flesh, cutlet, smoked sausage, meat, tenderloin, ham, wiener, kidney, lamb-chop, liver, brisket, sirloin steak, bacon, pork chop, rump roast, loin chop, ribs, pork, fillet, Meat Loaf, filet mignon, venison, T-bone Steak, ground beef, pot roast, tripe, sirloin, chicken, poultry, porterhouse steak, turkey, sausage, ham hock, spareribs, lamb, meat pie, veal, frankfurter, Canadian Bacon, flank, beef, roast, chop.

Other synonyms:

bologna, chorizo, cheeseburger. baloney. Other relevant words:
cheeseburger, Salisbury Steak, ground chuck, chorizo, baloney, bologna, ground round.

Usage examples for hamburger

  1. My hand was dirty and the hamburger was gone, as if I'd fallen somehow and dropped it and got dirt on my hand. – The Old Die Rich by Horace Leonard Gold
  2. " Wouldn't even make good hamburger was Phi's verdict. – The Blue Envelope by Roy J. Snell