Synonyms for Twins:


location (noun)
gemini, Gemini The Twins.
similarities (noun)
imitations, analogs, similarities, Analogies, likenesses, matches.
twins (noun)
gemini, Gemini The Twins.

Other synonyms:

Gemini the Twins
Gemini The Twins.
Other relevant words:
gemini, Gemini The Twins.

Usage examples for twins

  1. " Such a nidea as you being twins – The Twin Cousins by Sophie May
  2. He said that he wuz a- goin' to name his nephew's twins Maryline and Medusaline. – Samantha at the World's Fair by Marietta Holley
  3. Last come the Twins who cannot be described because we should be sure to be describing the wrong one. – Peter and Wendy by James Matthew Barrie