Usage examples for cutters

  1. 1132 is a side view of a bar with four cutters and Fig. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  2. In taking the short- cut to the timber- cutters Mike had seen tracks of wild hares and quail, and finding that the work in the timber was not as interesting as he thought it would be, he decided to follow the road back and get his rifle to shoot some game for the cook. – Five Little Starrs in the Canadian Forest by Lillian Elizabeth Roy Elizabeth Colborne
  3. One of the cutters had forty- five men on board, the other forty- two, the jolly- boat twenty- two, and the gig fourteen; in all, a hundred and twenty- three persons. – Narratives of Shipwrecks of the Royal Navy; between 1793 and 1849 by William O. S. Gilly