Synonyms for Break:


deliver, relay, advise, let someone know, give someone to understand (that), point out, brief. clip, the credits, highlights, action replay, episode, interim, content, lapse, coverage, filler, commentary. excursion, altercation, activity vacation, honeymoon, disagreement, difference, camp, adventure travel, activity holiday, dispute. air pocket, opportunity, luck, accident, expanse, headroom, distance, infinity, elbow room, footprint, clearance. print, assemble, disjoint, go to press, serialize, splash. leak out, pierce, circulate, puncture, emerge, appear, perforate, percolate. go back on, duck out of, cry off, enter, back out, penetrate, renege, welsh on, backpedal. disable, puzzle out, decipher, strain, decrypt, burn, knowledge, harm. convey, blemish, transmit, get across, carry, blister, blight, burnout, report, communicate. out, transpire, blow up, blow itself out, leak, blow over, thunder, show. challenge. finish with, fall out, defriend, dump, overwhelm. ease, lift, fold, cloud, clear, explosion, fickle, brighten up, clear up. flash, succumb, immobilize, drop, cannibalize, flick, health, flip off, deactivate. disappoint, clean out, throw/pour cold water on something, pauperize, demoralize, let down, money, disillusion, cast a shadow over something, impoverish, dash someone's hopes, discourage, get down. sink, lose/give up hope, lose heart, go under, darken, wobble, give up on, say/wave/kiss goodbye to something, despair. pitch, degrade, downgrade, voice, reduce, tap out. wind up, conclude, bring something to an end/a close/a halt, DO, proscribe, infringe, contravene, call a halt (to something), wind down, round off. defy, disobey, sunset, sunrise, resist, dawn, night falls, draw out, draw in, flout, close in, twilight. come in, crest, catch, cast up, deepen, course, channel. retreat, comfort, relaxation, breathing space, quietude. furlough, educational leave, down time, compassionate leave, absenteeism, career gapper, comp time, half-day, coffee break. halftime, pregame, run-in, half, extra time, overtime, quarter, injury time, first half. cooling-off period. costal, lumbar, jointed, compound fracture, arthritic, double-jointed, fused, pelvic, broken. imperative, tone, cadence, twang, tremor, inflection, expression. scope, access, choice, the initiative, Possibilities, window of opportunity. break (noun)
fault, ruin, discontinue, divulge, kick downstairs, let out, pause, happy chance, disclose, give away, breakout, open frame, wear, break of serve, jailbreak, bankrupt, wear out, prison-breaking, separate, let on, severance, burst, snap off, dampen, weaken, come apart, expose, geological fault, shift, intermission, demote, interruption, breaking, damp, go against, erupt, offend, fracture, fall apart, relegate, develop, violate, bump, transgress, part, split up, reveal, infract, recrudesce, suspension, falling out, rift, soften, good luck, breakage, bust, stop, better, split, break off, impart, gap, hold on, disruption, bring out, intermit, check, respite, breach, prisonbreak, discover, recess, rupture, break dance, gaolbreak.
break away (noun)
detach, separate, quit.
break in (noun)
interrupt, wear, train.
break off (noun)
halt, snap off, end, disconnect, stop, sever, discontinue, divide, part, separate, detach, interrupt, pause, suspend, cease, terminate.
break out (noun)
erupt, emerge.
break up (noun)
divide, disintegrate, divorce, dissolve, disperse, separate, terminate, sever, split up, dismantle, suspend, part, stop, discontinue.
discord (noun)
disjunction (noun)
disengagement, separation, alienation, amputation, bisection, rent, incision, disunity, disintegration, disassembly, Disarticulation, segregation, detachment, dissociation, cleavage, dissection, disassociation, disconnection, fissure, division.
dislocation (noun)
escape (noun)
event (noun)
fissure, opening (noun)
cleft, split, schism, breach, gap, rift, division, rupture, fracture, rent, disjunction.
gap (noun)
chasm, abyss, space, ravine, breach, interval, notch, crevice, rift, gulf, slit, cleft, gap.
good fortune (noun)
interruption (noun)
interruption, stoppage, hitch, suspension, interlude, hiatus, relief, postponement.
interruption of activity (noun)
coffee break, suspension, respite, breathing space, intermission, pause, hiatus, recess, interlude, interval, halt.
lucky happening (noun)
good luck, accident, advantage, show, luck, opportunity.
sabbatical (noun)
separation (noun)
tennis (noun)
ball boy, break point, advantage, the Davis Cup, alley, ace, ball girl, clay.


change (verb)
cushion something's effect (verb)
weaken, soften.
destroy; make whole into pieces (verb)
part, burst, sever, rend, divide, disintegrate, bust, shatter, separate, fragment.
disintegrate (verb)
decay, anatomize, turn, rot, crumble, mortify, putrefy, degenerate, shatter, fracture, spoil, decompose, dissolve.
dissociate (verb)
uncouple, dismantle, excise, dissociate, alienate, fragment, separate, split, insulate, sever, divide, part, disengage, divorce, disjoin, halve, rend, detach, partition, rupture, disassociate, cleave, disconnect, sunder, segregate, disunite.
emerge, happen (verb)
develop, appear, transpire, erupt.
interrupt (verb)
recess, delay, postpone, snag, relieve, reprieve.
loosen (verb)
loosen, disperse, diverge, unfasten, release, unbind.
manage animals (verb)
domesticate, hostle, wrangle, breed, housebreak, tame, groom, train, herd, ranch, farm.
separate (verb)
remove, cut, Unglue, disarticulate, incise, bisect, rip, unhinge, pare, Unfix, disaffiliate, dissect, axe, amputate, disassemble, estrange, scissor, disintegrate, slice.
stop an action (verb)
suspend, cut, interrupt, abandon, discontinue.
tell news (verb)
divulge, reveal, convey, transmit, disclose, communicate, let out, impart.
violate law (verb)
infract, offend, contravene, violate, transgress, infringe, disobey.
weaken, cause instability (verb)
impoverish, bankrupt, ruin, pauperize, demote, demoralize, degrade, tame, reduce, downgrade.

Other synonyms:

disable, breathing space, first half, go back on, leak out, CAPTCHA, despair, proscribe, career gapper, elbow room, sunrise, alphanumeric, educational leave, cipher, honeymoon, injury time, clip, cryptography, pauperize, disjoint, compassionate leave, deactivate, quietude, comp time, code name, fickle, halftime, adventure travel, expanse, activity holiday, serialize, action replay, cast up, brighten up, opportunity, give up on, window of opportunity, double-jointed, cryptogram, decrypt, commentary, excursion, extra time, renege, pregame, backpedal, costal, lumbar, pelvic, activity vacation, episode, furlough. close in, blight, flout, sunset, dawn, downgrade, cadence, headroom, immobilize, relaxation, contravene, draw out, distance, darken, blow over, overtime, down time, percolate, cooling-off period, disobey, clear up, quaver, perforate, run-in, flip off, twilight, schism, infinity, infringe, footprint, impoverish, code, CODED, transpire, emerge, jointed, coverage, air pocket. draw in, relay, decipher, choice, succumb, print, comfort, conclude, imperative, penetrate, camp, half, interim, thunder, blow up, wobble. crest, blemish, modulate, fold. deepen, enter, broken, transmit, reduce, ease, challenge. shake, come in, retreat, tone, show, splash. course, cloud, wind up, out. quarter, carry, voice, sink. burn. lift. pitch, fall. drop. catch. clear. break-dance
break dance.
kick downstairs.
fall apart.
good fortune
respite, coffee break.
clean out, ruin, pauperize.
come apart.
ball boy, ace, advantage, the Davis Cup, ball girl, break point.
Other relevant words:
interim, burst, shift, bust, gentle, breakage, intermission, ruin, go under, schism, violate, drop, break off, bankrupt, dawn, fold, lapse, disruption, respite.

Usage examples for break

  1. I- I couldn't bear to have you think I'd break my word and tell him. – The Valley of the Giants by Peter B. Kyne
  2. My heart will break – A Singer from the Sea by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
  3. Why does he not break with them? – The Ego and His Own by Max Stirner