Synonyms for Double:


all (adjective)
dual, twofold, two-fold, threefold, treble.
double (adjective)
binary, double-faced, two-fold, twin, bilateral, duplicate, double-barreled, duple, two-sided, duplex, bifurcated, twinned, bi-form, twice, two-faced, paired, dyadic, two, dual, second, dualistic.
dual (adjective)
in a pair (adjective)
coupled, dualistic, repeated, twice, paired, binate, second, twofold, dual, as much again, Duplicated, binary, twin, duple, duplex, duplicate.
substitute (adjective)
twofold (adjective)
duplex, binary.


twofold (adverb)
two times (adverb)


exceptional, beyond, over, surplus, more, Hyper-, too, overmuch, overly, excessive. as, when, concurrent, together, even as, simultaneous, all the time, while, grow, meanwhile, increase, at the same time. escalate, add to, go up, raise, soar, go through the roof, step up, act for. betting, bet, odds, even money, flutter, the tote, spread betting, across the board, same, call. leading lady, character actor, ham, part, actor, heart-throb, actress, COSTAR, body double, lead, biform. aperitif, alcohol, belt, booze, chaser, drink, cup, dram. cellular, quadripartite, trilateral, complicated, composite. appropriation, amount, bond, cash flow, blood money, bailout, change, budget, bounty, bankroll. certain, an, determiner, dozen, every, My, mine, Its. auditorium, apartment, chamber, clubhouse, bathroom, coat check, coatroom, cloakroom, checkroom, ballroom. approximation, match, mirror image, carbon copy, equivalent. archery, darts, bull's eye, dart, dartboard. ball, ball boy, ball girl, baseball, baseline, batboy, base, at-bat, ballpark. bat, baulk, HIT, fly, foul, ground out, catch, balk, bunt. expand, dilate, inflate, mature, outgrow, wax and wane, swell, supersize. dice, draw, craps, casino, fruit machine, bingo, die. romp, thrashing, winning streak, victory, walkover, win, upset, record, triumph. disproportionate, by, full-size, isometric, life-size, This, so, three-quarter. close, unfurl, unfold, fold up. act (noun)
two-baser, two-base hit, two-bagger.
deputy (noun)
appointee, helpmate, emissary, mouthpiece, alternate, substitute, auxiliary, assistant, spokeswoman, servant, backup, token, agent, surrogate, figurehead, ghost, spokesman, arm, second, acolyte, assignee, nominee, helper, stand in, envoy, attendant, lieutenant, delegate, understudy, representative, dummy, aide, deputy, attorney, proxy.
double (noun)
ambiguous, repeat, doubly, image, two-baser, equivocal, stunt woman, forked, large, bivalent, multiple, threefold, double over, duplicate, two-base hit, twice, treble, duple, big, double up, reduplicate, two-bagger, dual, look-alike, stunt man, twofold, doubling, replicate.
double back (noun)
copy, clone, duplicate, facsimile, image, twin, match, replica.
duplicate (noun)
copy, facsimile, parody, representation, model, clone, replica, resemblance, ditto, xerox, simulacrum, carbon, reproduction, icon, image, likeness.
duplication (noun)
duo, bifurcation.
increase (noun)
go up.
look-alike (noun)
reproduction (noun)
something which exactly resembles another (noun)
replica, simulacrum, match, copy, clone, image.
stunt man (noun)
stunt woman, stunt man.
substitute (noun)
alternative, replacement, fill in, counterfeit, imitation.
tennis (noun)
break, break point, alley, advantage, the Davis Cup, ace, clay.
two-base hit (noun)
twofold (noun)
coupled, folded, as much again, repeated, two-ply, Duplicated, renewed, binate, redoubled.


change (verb)
double (verb)
bifurcate, multiply, fold, crease.
duplicate (verb)
reproduce, replicate.
make two of; make twice as large (verb)
multiply, repeat, increase, grow, replicate, fold, pleat.
wrinkle (verb)
crimp, furrow, wrinkle, pucker, ripple, tuck, pleat, corrugate, gather.

Other synonyms:

chaser, drink, actor, two-ply, trilateral, craps, escalate, biform, every, ground out, bet, an, ham, fold up, archery, betting, spread betting, determiner, victory, soar, character actor, casino, life-size, dram, alcohol, walkover, cellular, disproportionate, inflate, dart, actress, winning streak, dilate, heart-throb, complicated, leading lady, darts, body double, Its, My, dozen, even money, bull's eye, add to, bunt, cup, COSTAR, fruit machine, odds, quadripartite, dartboard, three-quarter, aperitif, the tote, step up. bingo, flutter, bat, equivalent, across the board, mine, increase, isometric, approximation, unfurl, full-size, Double dealing, raise, supersize, booze, composite, thrashing. dice, romp, certain, call, unfold, belt, die. so, win, outgrow, expand, balk, lead. grow, HIT, This, match. foul. swell. mature. record, fly, by. upset. draw, catch. close. duplicate
Other relevant words:
match, twofold, look-alike, binate, ambiguous, doubling.

Usage examples for double

  1. I shall say to myself that you've gone in first to find the way for me, because you're my double – Mopsa the Fairy by Jean Ingelow
  2. Just in front of me, in a double seat, sat a poor woman with three young children. – Tales of the Road by Charles N. Crewdson
  3. He lifted her to his arms, bent almost double over her. – Gaslight Sonatas by Fannie Hurst