Synonyms for Candid:


all (adjective)
outspoken, blunt, point-blank, frank, plainspoken, forthright, free-spoken.
artless (adjective)
natural, undisguised, sincere, ingenuous, blunt, overt, undeceptive, direct, broad, unsophisticated, genuine, plain, undeceitful, Plain-spoken, callow, open, artless, naive, un-artificial, undeceiving, uncalculating, downright, unaffected, unrestrained, Unbeguiling, straightforward, Unartful, honest, trusting, frank, outgoing.
barefaced (adjective)
direct (adjective)
honest (adjective)
ingenuous, sincere, frank, just, straightforward, upright, outspoken, open, blunt, forthright, truthful, plain, genuine.
insolent (adjective)
derisive, outrageous, brazen, insubordinate, arrogant, flagrant, sarcastic, bold, sacrilegious, impertinent, disrespectful, cheeky, rude, discourteous, irreverent, callous, audacious, presumptuous, saucy, brash, contemptuous, outspoken, mouthy, impolite, defiant, insolent.
plainspoken (adjective)
Plain-spoken, plainspoken, man-to-man.
simple (adjective)
simple, refined, austere, crystalline, pure, spare, childlike, terse, direct, unsophisticated, chaste, elementary, clear, bare, bald, artless, uncomplicated, plain, innocent, unadulterated.
succinct (adjective)
unadorned, frank, informal, ordinary, stark, prosaic, casual, unpoetical, unpretentious, direct, uncluttered, clear, simple, folksy, honest, outspoken, intelligible, bald, straightforward, blunt, Plain-spoken.
truthful (adjective)
truthful, sincere, earnest, honorable, ethical, frank, honest, straightforward, trustworthy, factual.


good, fine, principled, irreproachable, decent, upstanding. microdot, straight-out, daguerreotype, negative, filmstrip, passport photo, show, photomontage, blow up, close up, straight-shooting, straight, man-to-man. photogenic, photo opportunity, photographic, camera-shy, photo shoot, black and white, photo CD, grainy, halftone. candid (noun)
free-spoken, open, unstudied, ingenuous, point-blank, forthright, blunt, artless, direct, uncontrived, plainspoken, frank, unflattering, outspoken.
fair (noun)
just, upright.
informal (noun)
extemporaneous, impromptu.

Other synonyms:

photographic, straight-out, photo CD, photogenic, passport photo, camera-shy, photo opportunity, daguerreotype, man-to-man, photo shoot, photomontage. grainy, straight-shooting, filmstrip, microdot, halftone. close up. straight. blow up. negative.

Usage examples for candid

  1. It is a way society has of training women to be candid – The Mystery of Metropolisville by Edward Eggleston
  2. Carroll knew that his comrade would not resent a candid expression of opinion. – Vane of the Timberlands by Harold Bindloss
  3. We are never grateful enough to the candid persons who wake us from our dream- yet such are in truth our best friends, could we but realize it. – Vendetta A Story of One Forgotten by Marie Corelli