Synonyms for Measure:


average (adjective)


graduation, distance, weight, geocentric, depth, size, absolute, factor, strength, bulk, metrication, frequency, ratio, breadth, speed, imperial, rapidity, density, pitch, calibration, height, viscosity, mass, capacity. norm, yardstick, operation, rule, canon, thing, model, demonstration, type, activity, example, pattern, venture, trial, deed. clef, tune, adagio, bass clef, andante, con brio, con amore, bar line, tempo, ARR, stress, throb, allegro, vibration, accent, melody. come up with, sum up, proposition, draw a conclusion/an inference, conceive, project, proposal, conceptualize, hit on. applicator, agency, means, device, bellows, action, blowtorch, adjustable wrench, box end wrench, stratagem, Allen Wrench, blowlamp, bradawl, awl. much, exceedingly, cup, alcohol, double, extremely, aperitif, chaser, drink, booze, dram, belt. become, big, come over, appear, look, be, form, grow, get, go, feel. baseline, rating, quality assurance. mark, pace out, fit out, sound, clock, usual, register. sliver, tingle, dash, vestige, drop, element, a touch of something, grain, tinge, metrology. collect, divvy, dole. moderateness, temperance, moderation, edge. move, tactic, procedure, maneuver. enactment, Lex, assize, legislation, act, statute, law. swing, repetition. admeasure. act (noun)
allotment (noun)
quota, part, percentage, stipend, allowance, lot, division, commission, chunk, stake, apportionment, piece, quantum, allocation, assignment, dispensation, proportion, allotment.
amount (noun)
amount, number, quantity.
beat, rhythm (noun)
division, melody, stress, accent, vibration, cadence, tempo, tune, throb, time, swing.
bill, law (noun)
statute, enactment.
calculation (noun)
degree (noun)
degree, grade, intensity, amplitude, step, caliber, magnitude, quality, notch, potential, level.
duration (noun)
duration, season, date, interim, age, interval, epoch, spell, cycle, course, aeon, era, time.
extent (noun)
scale, acreage, region, neighborhood, field, reach, space, scope, plateau, range, plane, leeway, volume, zone, span, stretch, extent, area, territory, dimension, length, room.
gauge (noun)
measure (noun)
hectometer, decimeter, mile, block, knot, fathom, foot, furlong, beat, bar, valuate, inch, evaluate, league, centimeter, quantum, cubit, mil, meter, appraise, touchstone, mensurate, cadence, step, angstrom, value, measuring rod, ell, assess, standard, criterion, bill, second, rod, measure out, micron, minute, yard, mensuration, amount, quantify, kilometer, measuring stick, measuring, millimeter, quantity, measurement, decameter.
measurement (noun)
metrology, calibration.
portion (noun)
dividend, fraction, half, bit, subdivision, compartment, interest, stock, member, sector, helping.
portion, scope (noun)
reach, bulk, extent, amount, strength, quota, proportion, range, mass, distance, magnitude, mensuration, allotment, duration, quantity, breadth, amplitude, area, part, ratio, sum, pitch, share, ration, capacity, degree, dimension, height, frequency, size, span, depth, weight, allowance, quantum, volume.
preventive or institutive action (noun)
maneuver, step, means, move, action, procedure, device, course, proposal, act, deed, moderation, proposition, project, agency.
reference point (noun)
regulation (noun)
sip (noun)
size (noun)
standard, rule (noun)
model, yardstick, norm, scale, canon, test, meter, example, trial, benchmark, gauge, pattern, type, touchstone, criterion.
temperance (noun)


allot (verb)
portion, allocate, parcel, deal, assign, give, segment, ration, distribute, earmark, dispense, budget, split, Mete, set, share, apportion, allot, slice, allow, cut, partition.
calculate, judge (verb)
grade, determine, evaluate, compute, calibrate, survey, figure, mark, appraise, level, rank, beat, reckon, quantify, Mete, weigh, estimate, rate, value, portion, rule, assess, sound.
change (verb)
cognition (verb)
mensurate, measure out.
measure (verb)
calibrate, test, survey, benchmark.
portion (verb)
dismember, subdivide, halve, compartmentalize.

Other synonyms:

Lex, metrology, moderateness, pace out, canon, metrication, graduation, factor, conceptualize, come up with, capacity, tactic, vestige, assize, conceive, geocentric, tinge, calibration. temperance, statute, sliver, hit on, enactment, legislation, size, imperial, yardstick. absolute, procedure, dole, distance, moderation. tingle. clock, maneuver, sound. grain, element. act. dash, get, law. register. mark. drop. calculate
multiply, enumerate.
Other relevant words:
pitch, pattern, move, size, legislation, belt, tune, divvy, swing, enactment, norm, action, standard, yardstick, rule, measurement, device, type, dole, cadence, capacity, height, act, go, thing, touchstone, model, melody, maneuver, deed, canon, ratio.

Usage examples for measure

  1. Have the courage to take its measure to look it well in the face. – En Route by J.-K. (Joris-Karl) Huysmans
  2. But before she trusted her life to these girls she wished to take their measure – Madge Morton's Trust by Amy D. V. Chalmers