Synonyms for Way:


walk, trail, bookable, aisle seat, board, Booking office, aboard, booking, ARR, afloat, book on, highway, bus. avenue, huge, expressway, widely, extensive, thruway, substantial, high, turnpike, enormous, boulevard, great, road, superhighway, open, drive, thoroughfare, large, move, considerable, roadway, freeway, street. hall, gatehouse, entry, arch, modus operandi, archway, gateway, wise, gatepost. usance, wont, habitude, usual, habit, line, usage, angle, custom, consuetude, use, praxis. position, conditions, climate, state of affairs, circumstance, context, event, action, be, background, situation, environment. aim, length, distance, purpose, goal, object, objective, target, piece, big, space, intention, stretch, role. gap, clearance, footprint, break, headroom, air pocket, expanse, infinity. component, nature, aspect, factor, facet. proportion, allotment, portion, allocation, slice, moiety, share. spirit, instinct, posture, inclination, schtick, disposition, outlook, human nature. Dr., crescent, cul de sac, close, backstreet, Ave, BLVD. basis. place, venue, locale, center, setting, location, site, scene, whereabouts, base. range, depth, radius, climb, reach, carry, drop, hairsbreadth. deeply, indeed, very, well, thoroughly, a lot. approach (noun)
program, modus operandi, technique, method.
artery (noun)
conduit, sewer, canal, highway, duct.
behavior (noun)
countenance, conduct, comportment, procedure, tactics, deportment, carriage, method, air, practice, demeanor, bearing, behavior, manner, guise.
casually (noun)
incidentally, as a matter of fact.
conduit (noun)
passage, gutter, conduit, sluice, channel, pipe, aqueduct, culvert, sewer, canal, trench, duct, ditch.
course (noun)
orbit, progression, door, space, entrance, alternative, tendency, access, gate, extent, distance.
line (noun)
manner (noun)
form, gait, tone, usage, habit, custom.
method (noun)
system, trajectory, process, technique, mechanism, program, scheme, approach, discipline, course, tactic, schema.
specialty (noun)
property, idiosyncrasy, definiteness, mannerism, feature, difference, hallmark, mark, peculiarity, particularity, specialty, forte, stamp, quirk, Discriminant, quality, individuality, specialization, flavor, characteristic, trait, figure, cachet, keynote.
thruway (noun)
way (noun)
agency, feature, aspect, street, manner, course, contrivance, consuetude, door, fashion, highway, wise, system, circumstance, direction, idea, measure, passage, approach, design, outline, usage, idiosyncrasy, line, gate, scheme, extent, progression, tone, guise, tendency, mode, orbit, policy, space, practice, entry, move, step, avenue, way of life, praxis, right smart, channel, means, process, road, nature, room, procedure, wont, situation, trait, path, length, conduct, action, boulevard, walk, bearing, habitude, entrance, access, plot, use, style, thoroughfare, custom, form, plan, elbow room, behavior, gait, ways, stretch, trail, distance, habit, gateway, alternative.


means (verb)
plan, plot, idea, policy, measure, contrivance, step, action, outline, move, design.

Other synonyms:

allocation, habitude, consuetude, purpose, gate, intention, moiety, usance, praxis, allotment, slice, habit, thruway, role. modus operandi, turnpike, entrance, proportion, custom, expressway, goal, access, boulevard, aspect, portion, freeway. objective, gap, object, distance, share, idea, policy. angle, basis, position, space, length, aim. target. action. piece. custom
Other relevant words:
stretch, fashion, custom, path, form, range, praxis, avenue, inclination, room, road, means, style, consuetude, use, disposition, aim, line, tendency, ways, tone, direction, usage, wise, mode, plan, habit, wont.

Usage examples for way

  1. That was Voltaire's way – Education: How Old The New by James J. Walsh
  2. It came about this way – Roosevelt in the Bad Lands by Hermann Hagedorn
  3. But I was on my way to find you. – The Boys of Bellwood School by Frank V. Webster