Synonyms for Approach:


equal (adjective)


take something on board, handle, face, deal with, path, see about, road, make the best of something, do something, tackle, combat, passageway. angle, reaching, line, track, passage, direction, Nearing, oncoming. bear down, creep up on, make for, gain on, suggestion, go over, make toward, proposition. air-to-air, AIR CORRIDOR, airspeed, airborne, airdrop, airlift, aerospace, air pocket, air traffic control, aerobatics. around the corner, at the earliest/first opportunity, any day/moment etc. now, just, imminent, verge on, challenge, shortly, same, rival, in no time (at all), soon, in the short run/term, approximate. mindset, view, school of thought, perspective, sue, pragmatism, logic, mind, viewpoint, framework. initiate, summons, get off, enter, set-to, embark, inaugurate, take on, launch, demand, order, lead off, institute, take up, kick off, open. enlist, run to, recruit, call in a favor, reach out to, look to, come running, turn to. attain, reach, fulfill, run, push, come to, touch, overtake. artery, byway, boulevard, B-road, byroad, blacktop, beltway, bypass. act (noun)
attack, plan of attack.
appeal (noun)
entreaty, plea, prayer, invitation, application, solicitation, supplication, invocation, bid.
approach (noun)
advance, convergence, set about, imminence, come near, coming, access, plan of attack, approaching, border on, feeler, approach shot, go about, glide path, advancement, overture, approach path, glide slope, attack.
arrival (noun)
achievement, fulfillment, welcome, reception, destination, entrance, accomplishment, touchdown, attainment, debarkation, homecoming, arrival, landing, ingress, advent, return, appearance, landfall, coming.
endeavor (noun)
engagement, project, deed, commitment, production, adventure, effort, purpose, gambit, action, proceeding, job, enterprise, undertaking, essay, performance.
feeler (noun)
intention (noun)
will, strategy, forecast, idea, wish, calculation, choice, proposal, intention, object, scenario, expectation, schedule, prospectus, procedure, policy, agenda, consideration, scheme, goal, ambition, forethought, plan.
line (noun)
method (noun)
discipline, method, manner, process, course, trajectory, tactic, schema, program, system, technique, way, mechanism.
offer (noun)
tender, offering, bestowal, overture, grant, citation, deal, issue, gift, quotation, submission, investiture, concession, donation, offer, present, endowment.
request, suggestion (noun)
offer, application, overture, proposal, proposition, appeal.
way, means of arriving (noun)
Nearing, advent, advance, path, entrance, reaching, landing, way, road, passage, access, coming.


appeal (verb)
supplicate, invite, accost, petition, entice, address, apply, greet, buttonhole, request, solicit, entreat, appeal, beg, implore, plead, beseech.
approach (verb)
close, gain, impend, come, access, loom, near, converge, advance.
begin (verb)
set about, undertake, embark.
come nearer (verb)
approximate, near, converge, reach, meet, come, gain on, impend.
converge (verb)
intercept, focus, meet, merge, unite, concentrate.
endeavor (verb)
commit, perform, maneuver, attempt, act, endeavor, proceed, aim, exploit, undertake, venture, engage, assay, contract, volunteer.
ensue (verb)
ensue, develop, eventuate, follow, result, destine.
greet (verb)
salute, embrace, salaam, hail, notice, wave, nod, signal, bow, receive, smile, acknowledge, hug, kiss, kowtow, curtsy, vociferate, shake hands with.
make request, suggestion (verb)
accost, implore, beseech, plead, greet, address, supplicate, entreat.
motion (verb)
come near, near.
offer (verb)
endow, impart, quote, extend, bestow, render, submit, give, cite.

Other synonyms:

go over, pragmatism, viewpoint, enlist, creep up on, road, framework, suggestion, turn to, school of thought, mindset, B-road, beltway, make toward, boulevard, look to, gain on, blacktop, make for, byroad, bear down. view. sue, deal with. track. push, run, enter. line. come close
come up to
come to.
go about
set about.
Other relevant words:
approaching, reach, attain, reaching, come to, approximate, Nearing, come near.

Usage examples for approach

  1. A few moments before he died, he said, that " he never thought that it was so easy a matter to laugh at the approach of death." – Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1 (of 3) by Isaac D'Israeli
  2. The Covenanters grimly watched their approach – Sketches of the Covenanters by J. C. McFeeters