Synonyms for Style:


stylish (adjective)
popular, modish, fashionable, current.


aptitude, skill, experience, prowess, gift, mastery, method, competence, ability, proficiency. art deco, camp, agitprop, the avant-garde, abstract expressionism, brushwork, arts and crafts, aquatint, baroque, art nouveau, habit. inclination, human nature, outlook, schtick, posture, spirit, tone, instinct, conduct, vein. procedure, system, wise, basis, modus operandi, tactic. couturier, haute couture, address, presence, catwalk, fashionista, be, fashion show, house, fashion house, collection, goth. draw up, invent, personalise, fad, craze, plan, usual, design, furor, streamline, personalize, engineer, thing, reengineer, individualize, rage. epithet, nickname, appellative, words, appellation, name, tag, cognomen, moniker, handle, specific. approach (noun)
behavior (noun)
category (noun)
caste, phylum, people, variety, persuasion, mold, step, designation, genus, line, type, denomination, kind, set, breed, make, stock, strain, Family, stamp, grain, rank, form, classification, label, ilk, stripe, level, grade, class, race, order, feather, clan, sort, kingdom, category, series, genotype, degree, species, taxonomy, brand.
craze (noun)
fashion (noun)
custom, habit.
fashion, manner (noun)
vein, vogue, form, cut, characteristic, design, mode, trend, spirit, kind, sort, strain, technique, type, habit, variety, way, thing, method, custom, rage, tone.
fashionableness (noun)
fad, flair, panache, craze, dash, grace.
method (noun)
procedure, technique.
name (noun)
denomination, name.
situation (noun)
location, configuration, modality, placement, situation, scene, status, site, state, mode, environment, position, aspect, property, quality, formation, arrangement, disposition, ambience, circumstance, standing, layout, spot, condition, station, post.
style (noun)
deftness, tailor, cleverness, cut, adeptness, expressive style, eloquence, elan, adroitness, grace, technique, craftsmanship, vogue, fashion, panache, artistry, dash, flair, skillfulness, expressiveness, capability, talent, manner, stylus, artfulness, trend, finesse, mode, way.


name, title (verb)
address, label.

Other synonyms:

moniker, appellative, nickname. custom, fashionable, modus operandi, craze, method. furor, rage. modish, vein. tag, presence, tone. handle. thing. craze
Other relevant words:
fashion, way, tone, handle, manner, moniker, vogue, appellative, vein, cut, name, wise, cognomen, appellation.

Usage examples for style

  1. " This doesn't go with my style of laughter. – The Salamander by Owen Johnson
  2. The style of the demand admitted but one answer. – State of the Union Addresses of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson
  3. On the following day, Richard went again to the palace, taking with him Isabella's father and mother, dressed in the English style telling them that the queen wished to see them. – The Exemplary Novels of Cervantes by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra