Synonyms for Variety:


assembly, incongruity, shift, arsenal, bank, battery, bale, assemblage, batch, bevy, departure, fluctuation, heterogeneity, divergency. heterogeneousness, light show, polymorphism, light entertainment, air show, karaoke, miscellaneousness, variousness, corporate hospitality, variegation, multiplicity, bullfight, same, cabaret, hospitality. bedding plant, cereal, grab bag, collect, Gallimaufry, patchwork, cactus, Olio, mishmash, conglomeration, clone, brassica, bean, annual, alpine, climber, bush, jumble, hodgepodge. manner, group, lot, nature, description, a world of difference, collision. grouping, version, cross-section. individual, product, original, Jekyll And Hyde, dog. attribute (noun)
category (noun)
classification, stripe, race, type, people, genotype, kingdom, designation, level, stamp, grade, rank, style, form, species, genus, clan, feather, degree, Family, breed, order, make, strain, step, phylum, ilk, brand, grain, taxonomy, kind, series, stock, category, sort, line, label, class, denomination, caste, set, persuasion, mold.
combination (noun)
difference (noun)
abnormality, deviation, non-uniformity, clash, distinctness, assortment, disparity, mishmash, variance, distinction, Dissemblance, contrast, aberration, conglomeration, asymmetry, mismatch, divergency, disunity, mixed bag, shift, heterogeneity, inequality, dissimilarity, change, difference, incongruity, diversification, variation, mixture, discrepancy, conflict, contradiction, departure, fluctuation, miscellany, counterpoint, divergence, multiplicity, diversity, multifariousness, potpourri.
drama (noun)
characterization, mystery, broadway, teleplay, mime, scene, panorama, rendering, show, excitement, choreography, burlesque, art, pantomime, pageant, comedy, improvisation, theater, improvisational drama, tragedy, presentation, vaudeville, suspense, melodrama, ballet, spectacle, production, drama, skit.
ethnic group (noun)
merchandise (noun)
miscellany (noun)
non-uniformity (noun)
discord, diverseness, disaccord.
type, sort (noun)
character, division, kind, brand, class, tribe, order, nature, strain, rank, stripe, breed, race, description, Family, make, ilk, category, kidney, species, classification, grade, genus.
variation (noun)
variety (noun)
kind, diversity, form, salmagundi, diversification, stock, multifariousness, strain, complexity, breed, Multiformity, miscellany, miscellanea, change, diverseness, motley, potpourri, mixed bag, sort, mixture, assortment, variety show.

Other synonyms:

Olio, polymorphism, miscellaneousness, grouping, multiplicity, conglomeration, Gallimaufry, incongruity, Jekyll And Hyde, heterogeneity, variousness, heterogeneousness, grab bag. hodgepodge, variegation, patchwork, mishmash, description. cross-section, collision. original, individual. version, product. division. group, character. lot, manner, dog. kind
Other relevant words:
description, grouping, tribe, incongruity, heterogeneity, dog, heterogeneousness, motley, kidney, variety show, grab bag, hodgepodge, product, jumble, divergency, Olio, Gallimaufry, shift, fluctuation, assortment, mixed bag, mishmash, variegation, mixture, change, miscellany, patchwork, version, multiplicity, salmagundi, nature, character, manner, division, conglomeration, miscellanea, variousness, lot, miscellaneousness, polymorphism, potpourri, departure, batch, group.

Usage examples for variety

  1. We want all the variety we can get, and all the fun we can get, too. – The Young Alaskans on the Missouri by Emerson Hough
  2. 4, 5. Yet in the present which he sent, there were no servants; though he seems to have sought as much variety as possible. – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society
  3. 17th on Rule 4th, it was suggested, that in English the participle, without governing the possessive case, is turned to a greater number and variety of uses, than in any other language. – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown