Synonyms for Form:


proficiency, ability, talent, gift, aptitude, skill, mastery, competence, experience, prowess. art nouveau, brushwork, art deco, agitprop, abstract expressionism, torso, arts and crafts, baroque, aquatint, camp, the avant-garde. blend, derivative, compound, derivation, anaphora, canonical form, appropriacy, mode, method, manner, apposition, affix, componential analysis, custom. peculiarity, feature, nature, factor, component, die, quality, property, facet. duplicate, certificate, confidentiality agreement, dossier, report, questionnaire, charter, company report, blank, Consent Form, application, copy, information, concept statement, blue book, card, Annual Report. become, grow, formality, feel, appear, ceremony, ritual, come over. curl, surface, straighten, reshape, bend, deform, twist, open up. catalyze, start-off, words, set off, seek, bring about, trigger. state, well-being, wellness, mental health, ill health, usual. cross-section, grouping. fitness, trim, proportions, fettle, better, kilter. dean's list, student council, student government, sixth form, matrix, honor society. accepted procedure; ceremony (noun)
formality, manner, ritual, usage, habit, custom, method.
animate body and its condition (noun)
shape, object, physique, frame, build, fettle, trim, torso, fitness.
appearance (noun)
image, show, appearance, aspect, look, vista, display, demeanor, mien, view, bearing, figure, air, spectacle, countenance.
arrangement (noun)
organization, placement.
category (noun)
denomination, feather, Family, stripe, brand, kind, designation, level, label, persuasion, genotype, stamp, degree, phylum, style, ilk, species, caste, taxonomy, category, stock, clan, genus, step, breed, grain, line, kingdom, people, variety, strain, race, classification, series.
character (noun)
condition (noun)
convention (noun)
custom, habit.
document that requires answers or information (noun)
blank, application, questionnaire, chart.
form (noun)
contour, variety, features, signifier, constitute, phase, configuration, build, mannequin, sort, spring, take form, make, mold, pattern, anatomy, human body, material body, soma, figure, mould, imprint, shape, chassis, kind, class, mannikin, cast, forge, strain, bod, take shape, physique, work, variant, grade, organise, flesh, organize, manikin, physical body, word form, conformation, manakin, var., frame.
grammar (noun)
grammar, object, conjugation, language, phrase, subject, formulation, predicate, usage, syntax, wording, phraseology, qualifier.
order (noun)
organization, arrangement (noun)
outline (noun)
delineation, framework, representation, perimeter, periphery, tracing, silhouette, girth, skeleton, limit, outline, sketch, drawing, circumference, contour, profile, wire frame, border.
request (noun)
shape (noun)
construction, arrangement, stance, formation, mode.
shape; arrangement (noun)
construction, scheme, anatomy, figure, model, mold, mode, profile, cast, conformation, silhouette, design, configuration, appearance, contour, formation, style, framework, pattern, plan, skeleton, structure, outline, die.
type, kind (noun)
sort, arrangement, variety, order, class, stamp, rank, grade, make, species.


begin (verb)
initialize, conceive, introduce, initiate, stem, bud, hatch, originate, germinate, birth, start, embark, induct, inaugurate, create, sprout, spring, dawn, begin, commence, undertake, emerge, develop.
bring into existence; make, produce (verb)
constitute, forge, create, compose, arrange, work, manufacture, trace, set, devise, establish, invent, cultivate, conceive, plot, organize, construct, fix, develop, fabricate, bring about.
come into being; arise (verb)
grow, appear, take shape, settle.
compose (verb)
compile, combine, include, embody, embrace.
create (verb)
formulate, fabricate, produce, generate, invent.
educate, discipline (verb)
order (verb)
design, score, sort, integrate, array, control, normalize, systematize, program, fix, rate, adjust, harmonize, unsnarl, set, pigeonhole, scheme, class, right, support, collate, grade, schedule, plan, group, unify, maintain, shape, establish, arrange, regulate, rank, separate, structure, frame, categorize, classify, order, rationalize, place, schematize, stabilize, marshal, screen, prepare, organize, mediate, settle, balance, type, subordinate, Methodize, sift, chart, stratify, cast, orchestrate, compose, devise, plot.
outline (verb)
draft, represent, trace, delineate, circumscribe, draw.
produce (verb)
execute, cultivate, mother, father, manufacture.
prototype (verb)
model, prototype, imagine.
social (verb)
organise, organize.
stative (verb)
constitute, make.
structure (verb)
construct, make, constitute.

Other synonyms:

dean's list, bring about, student government, sixth form, custom, student council, straighten, fettle, kilter, honor society. matrix, curl, formation, construction, arrangement, bend, twist, reshape, catalyze. fitness, ritual, set off, come over, become, formality. grow, open up, feel. ceremony, trigger. application. create
conceive, initiate.
open up.

Usage examples for form

  1. Wasn't he in good form – The Long Lane's Turning by Hallie Erminie Rives
  2. Where does common form begin and end? – The Note-Books of Samuel Butler by Samuel Butler