Synonyms for Property:


campus, valuables, tract, claim, frontage, acreage, park, things, lot, homestead, fixed asset, grounds, plot, appurtenance, section, grant, yard, field, subdivision, premises, part. effect, personal property, thing, movable, personal effects, stuff, owned, good, lares and penates, belonging. law. acre. be, savor, character. acquisition (noun)
acre (noun)
manor, grounds.
acreage (noun)
real estate, holding.
air (noun)
ambience, flavor, effect, mannerism.
atmosphere (noun)
environment, scene, place.
attribute (noun)
quirk, facet, characteristic, aspect, particularity.
belongings (noun)
personal property, things, stuff.
capital (noun)
business, principal, fortune, stock.
characteristic, feature (noun)
idiosyncrasy, trait, quality, hallmark, peculiarity, mark, character, attribute.
circumstances (noun)
house (noun)
land (noun)
lands (noun)
possession (noun)
holding, worth, territory, land, acquisition, kingdom, effects, possession, realm, empire, wealth.
possessions (noun)
property (noun)
chattel, goods, domain, stock, fixtures, manor, real estate, principal, realty, holding, place, prop, ranch, title, ground, assets, inheritance, attribute, farm, material possession, belongings, dimension, Resources, legacy.
real estate (noun)
landed, real property, estate agent, real estate agent, realtor, surveyor.
situation (noun)
circumstance, mode, aspect, situation, state, site, condition, disposition, configuration, formation, quality, style, scene, status, ambience, arrangement, post, environment, position, modality, spot, standing, location, layout, placement, station.
specialty (noun)
specialization, specialty, feature, stamp, mannerism, quirk, characteristic, idiosyncrasy, figure, trait, peculiarity, difference, cachet, flavor, Discriminant, individuality, hallmark, definiteness, mark, forte, keynote, way, particularity.
wealth (noun)
capital, riches, landslide, plenty, net worth, plenteousness, sufficiency, prosperity, estate, asset, possessions, fortune, income, profit, affluence, prosperousness, opulence.

Other synonyms:

equity, fixed asset, valuables, lot, appurtenance, facet, belonging, personal effects, personal property, component, lares and penates. factor, stuff, movable. savor. effect. thing. character. plot
real estate
grounds, premises, landed, estate agent, real property, realtor, surveyor.

Usage examples for property

  1. I cannot save as I should have wished, and my own property is not large. – A College Girl by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
  2. I believe it is something about some property which he wants you to give back to somebody; but I don't know any more. – The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope
  3. " " 1917 Real Property – Georgian Poetry 1920-22 by Various