Synonyms for Hold:


booking, bus, afloat, Booking office, board, aboard, ARR, book on, bookable, aisle seat. base camp, squeeze, touch, ascent, climber, climbing, enfold, Embosom, climb, clip, ascend, abseil, Caving, press, climbing wall, canyoneering, hug, bosom. house, enthrall, catch up, grab, rivet, excite, contents, mesmerize, fascinate, spellbind, transfix. have a mind of your own, incline, reckon, know best, full, believe in, adhere to. provoke, rouse, awaken, inspire, arouse, affect, ignite, invoke. hold-down, appear, bridle, call, cite, bit, restraint, appeal, bring before, brake, arraign, rein. bilge, bay, figure, beam, aft, bowsprit, opine, amidships, opinion, blade, boom, think, berth. avow, argue, say, aver, allege, invade, state, annex, storm, besiege, contend, subjugate, avouch. oligopoly, sense, greatness, might, force, feel, leadership, monopoly. organize, plan, choreograph, set up, convene, arrange, true, prove out, orchestrate, wash. bristle with, seem, stage, grow in, rate, planned, tend. crane, bestride, balance, cower, crouch, bow, bend, crook, burrow, double over, in. sweep to/from power, canvass, stand for, campaign, get in. put away, intern, jail, hold someone for ransom, institutionalize, incarcerate, lock away. keep from, disturb, thwart, bar, silence. kiss, ruffle, cuddle, pat, caress, nuzzle. lift, be burdened with something, hump, shoulder, haul, schlep. tingle, let yourself go, overflow, walk away with, burn, give up to. belong to, sorted, Got, have in. pin down, intercept, pin, immobilize, obstruct. brush, contact, handling, tap. remain, outlive, bubble. loosen up, jog, warm up, sculpt, firm up, burn off, limber up, work out, exercise. call-in, caller, busy signal, cut off, call up, answer, dial, call back, busy. store up, hoard, collect. sing along, sing, carry a tune, sing out, serenade, chant, vocalize, burst/break into song, croon. do something from memory, stick in your mind/memory, remember, bring/call someone/something to mind, relive, recollect, think back, be stamped on your memory/mind. eternity, longevity, constancy, permanence, continuation, consistency, preservation, survival, continuity, stability. jog along, regularize, standardize, level, stabilize. command (noun)
direction, power, law, government, charge, sovereignty, sway, rule, reign, will, domination, commission, mandate, command, discipline, control, management, coordination, prowess, supremacy, authority, mastery.
grasp, possession (noun)
grip, clench, clutch, sway, clasp, authority, control.
grip (noun)
restraint (noun)
support (noun)


believe (verb)
surmise, conclude, reckon, understand, affirm, suppose, sense, maintain, gather, give faith, judge, assent, deem, accept, aver, declare, believe, put faith in, take for granted, credit, trust, feel, entertain, assume, presume, think, profess.
command (verb)
dominate, master, direct, manage, coordinate, govern.
conduct meeting, function (verb)
call, convene.
consumption (verb)
contact (verb)
take hold.
contain (verb)
receive, contain, enclose, stow, comprise, accommodate, include.
continue, endure (verb)
stay, remain, apply.
enclose (verb)
surround, confine, encompass, envelop, fence, cover, imprison, cage, trap, encircle, corral, impound.
grip (verb)
grapple, grasp, clasp, grip, clutch, adhere, keep, seize, embrace, retain.
have a capacity for (verb)
include, comprise, accommodate.
have in one's hands, possession; grasp (verb)
enclose, imprison, keep, hug, contain, restrain, embrace, bind, enjoy, arrest, press, handle, check, adhere, own, carry, confine, seize, withhold, squeeze, retain, possess, maintain, have.
possess (verb)
have, possess, claim, own, acquire, monopolize.
possession (verb)
retain (verb)
reserve, hinder, prevent, conserve, preserve.
stative (verb)
keep, maintain.
support (verb)
sustain, shoulder, bear.
withdraw (verb)
withdraw, retract, revoke, withhold, recant, recall, suppress.

Other synonyms:

Embosom, intercept, jog along, caress, Got, avouch, convene, argue, aver, opine, standardize, incline, immobilize, nuzzle, regularize. sorted, kiss, house, burn off, allege, suspect, cuddle, hug, believe in, enjoy, spellbind, loosen up, schlep, rein, mesmerize, adhere to, sculpt. stand for, boast, firm up, obstruct, pat, enthrall, stabilize, avow, transfix, fascinate, canvass, pin down. ruffle, hump, have in, say, handling, enfold, rivet, stage, grab. shoulder, squeeze, campaign, haul, belong to, arrange, get in, plan. contend, work out. pin, press. warm up, exercise, brush. wash, tap, set up. feel. lift. call. level. believe
understand, take for granted, feel.
catch up, spellbind.
keep from.

Usage examples for hold

  1. It has no hold on the heart. – Orthodoxy: Its Truths And Errors by James Freeman Clarke
  2. Don't ask me to hold my hand! – Man to Man by Jackson Gregory