Synonyms for Propriety:


integrity, good, purity, goodness, virtue. behavior. respectableness, decorousness, decentness, usual, comeliness, respectability, decency. morality, rightfulness, right, ethic, ethicalness, righteousness, ethicality, rightness. good form, mores. civility, courtesy, pleasantry, amenity. conformity (noun)
submission, accordance, convention, conformity, obedience, tradition, manner, regularity, compliance, etiquette, acquiescence, consistency, congruity, formality, observance, adherence, custom, correctness, submissiveness, conformance, ritual.
elegance (noun)
expedience (noun)
convenience, well-timedness, suitability, opportunity, efficiency, aptness, effectiveness, advantageousness, expedience, timeliness, fitness, desirability.
fitness (noun)
gentility (noun)
good breeding.
good manners (noun)
dignity, decency, modesty, refinement, good form, etiquette, politeness, mores, courtesy.
order (noun)
propriety (noun)
fittingness, decorum, properness, taste, politeness, manners, seemliness, refinement, correctitude.
rightfulness (noun)
suitableness, appropriateness (noun)
congruity, aptness, accordance, agreeableness, decorum, seemliness, suitability, properness, consonance, harmony, respectability, correctness, pleasantness, compatibility, convenience, expedience, Advisability, rightness, fitness, correspondence, concord, morality, ethicality.

Other synonyms:

comeliness, Advisability, respectableness, dignity, ethicalness, rightfulness, good breeding, decorousness, behavior, decentness. ethic, purity, integrity, civility, virtue, modesty, ethicality, rightness. goodness, pleasantry. morality, righteousness, courtesy. amenity. right. good. decorum
Other relevant words:
compatibility, respectableness, pleasantness, rightfulness, decency, right, purity, behavior, goodness, consonance, modesty, good, concord, rightness, correctitude, agreeableness, integrity, ethic, comeliness, mores, decentness, harmony, good form, ethicality, Advisability, courtesy, civility, properness, respectability, ethicalness, correspondence, pleasantry, virtue, righteousness, decorousness, morality, dignity.

Usage examples for propriety

  1. Further, if Ham were meant what propriety in calling him the younger son? – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society
  2. It seemed an insult to this helpless little creature, the more rather than the less cowardly for being unspoken; for, no doubt her ideas of propriety were firmly conventional. – The Grain Of Dust A Novel by David Graham Phillips