Synonyms for Tradition:


course, act, fable, activity, operation, move, thing, venture, lore, story, myth, folklore, legend, deed, demonstration, action. law, culture, mores, local color, practice, manners, trick or treat, institution. idea, conclusion, opinion, attitude. inheritance, heritage, legacy, affect. mythos, knowledge, mythology. conformity (noun)
conformity, formality, conformance, submission, propriety, convention, congruity, accordance, etiquette, acquiescence, correctness, submissiveness, obedience, observance, manner, consistency, compliance, adherence, ritual.
established practice (noun)
fable, heritage, mythology, opinion, practice, convention, lore, folklore, attitude, mythos, idea, habit, law, ritual, culture, myth, belief, institution, inheritance, custom, legend, conclusion, mores.
habit (noun)
habit, fixed ways, custom, tendency, acclimation, mannerism, daily grind, leaning, regularity, way of life, instinct, rut, routine, treadmill, Familiarity, conventionality, wont, second nature, temperament, disposition, addiction, trait.
lore (noun)
lore, mythos.
orthodoxy (noun)
catechism, dogmatism, orthodoxy, belief, religiousness, faithfulness.
regularity (noun)
frequency, monotony, normality, universality, recurrence, rhythm, periodicity, steadiness, constancy, predominance, standard.
tradition (noun)

Other synonyms:

trick or treat, local color, mores, practice, mythos. legacy, heritage, mythology, folklore. lore, institution, myth, inheritance. legend. Other relevant words:
deed, legacy, heritage, course, legend, mythology, folklore, opinion, attitude, act, action, mores, mythos, venture, culture, knowledge, thing, activity, idea, fable, story, conclusion, operation, law, practice, inheritance, affect, manners, myth, demonstration, institution, lore, move.

Usage examples for tradition

  1. Had the market been permitted to open on that Friday morning the familiar Wall Street tradition of " Black Friday" would have had a meaning more sinister than ever had been dreamed of before. – The New York Stock Exchange in the Crisis of 1914 by Henry George Stebbins Noble