Synonyms for Fact:


certainly, untruth, factor, organism, entity, episode, honestly, accomplishment, transaction, error, surely, deed, being, illusion, phenomenon, simply, construction, clearly, literally, consideration, action, proceeding, creation, adventure, precisely, truism, performance, evidently, case, act, essentially, affair, happening. objectivity, the gospel truth, conventional/received/traditional wisdom, knowledge, substance, intelligence, the honest truth, lore. real. factualness. event; detail of action (noun)
adventure, data, being, action, act, creation, affair, factor, performance, entity, happening, deed, manifestation, transaction, information, proceeding, organism, episode, construction, accomplishment, truism, phenomenon, consideration.
evidence (noun)
testimony, attestation, certification, corroboration, observation, declaration, deposition, evidence, specimen, indication, counter-evidence, connotation, statement, information, determination, exemplification, validation, data, illustration, demonstration, authentication, establishment, exhibit, quotation, substantiation, support, confirmation, documentation, manifestation.
fact (noun)
reality, happening, certainty, information, deed, truth, factor, actuality, act, factuality.
in fact (noun)
actually, really, in point of fact.
in reality (noun)
actually, really, in fact, in point of fact.
reality (noun)
actuality, reality, factuality.
truth (noun)
certainty, definiteness, honesty, gospel, truth, authenticity, matter-of-factness, axiom, proof, absoluteness, veracity, verity, rightness.
veracity (noun)
verifiable truth; reality (noun)
basis, law, actuality, experience, authenticity, evidence, substantiality, scripture, matter, intelligence, solidity, certainty, gospel, bottom line, certitude, permanence, verity, palpability, case.

Other synonyms:

news, factualness, findings, report, A to Z, word. lore, phenomenon, objectivity. factor, substance, intelligence, knowledge.

Usage examples for fact

  1. He spoke in a calm, matter- of- fact voice. – The Truants by A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley) Mason
  2. In fact I had no reason for thinking him wrong; I only felt it. – African Camp Fires by Stewart Edward White
  3. The fact of the matter is, I could not sleep, and so I came on deck; and very pleasant it is! – Mr. Meeson's Will by H. Rider Haggard