Synonyms for Direct:


articulate (adjective)
glib, eloquent, succinct, lucid, articulate, fluent, clear, well-spoken, smooth, intelligible, expressive, loquacious.
artless (adjective)
natural, undeceptive, open, sincere, unpretentious, honest, broad, unaffected, candid, outgoing, Unartful, un-artificial, blunt, plain, Unbeguiling, undeceitful, overt, unadorned, genuine, ingenuous, artless, unsophisticated, frank, undisguised, straightforward, Plain-spoken, naive, trusting, uncalculating, unrestrained, callow, downright, undeceiving.
at close range (adjective)
dead-on (adjective)
face-to-face; next to (adjective)
lineal, firsthand, immediate, personal, prompt, primary.
honest (adjective)
plainspoken, frank, candid, plain, sincere, point-blank, outspoken, downright, open, straightforward, absolute, bald, straight, forthright, blunt, undisguised.
intelligible (adjective)
decipherable, straightforward, consistent, perspicuous, self-explanatory, lucid, clear, plain, intelligible, legible, coherent, comprehensible, crisp, understandable.
plainspoken (adjective)
Plain-spoken, plainspoken, man-to-man.
short (adjective)
short, shortest.
simple (adjective)
austere, unadulterated, childlike, pure, bare, terse, simple, innocent, chaste, refined, un-artificial, artless, bald, uncomplicated, candid, unsophisticated, clear, plain, spare, elementary, crystalline.
straight (adjective)
straight, plumb, unswerving, right, undeviating, lineal, linear, unbent, perpendicular.
succinct (adjective)
casual, candid, outspoken, uncluttered, informal, blunt, unpoetical, unadorned, ordinary, unpretentious, Plain-spoken, frank, folksy, clear, honest, straightforward, intelligible, simple, bald, stark, prosaic.
transparent (adjective)
undeviating; uninterrupted (adjective)
right, linear, nonstop, shortest, unswerving, through.
veracious (adjective)


all (adverb)
directly, straight.


advancing, literal, bound for something, from all sides, Into, ahead, up, oncoming, personal, forward, across, firsthand, close. lob, fling, project, hurl, pitch, throw, toss, over, administrate. marshal, codify, restructure, systematize, structure, reorganize, prioritize. cutting room, cut, dub in, cutaway, dub, dub out, dub over, direction, animation. bid, enjoin, tell, good, irreproachable, decent, upstanding, truthful, principled, words, fine. devote, backlit, dedicate, floodlit, focus, collect, buckle down, infrared, fluorescent, give, turn, concentrate, bend, apply, halogen, candlelit, phosphorescent, moonlit, work, soft. vicarious, shepherd, from the horse's mouth, close to home, escort, usher, route, through someone's eyes, first/second/third hand, First-hand, squarely, Participative. cast, push around, seek, boss around, zero in, dictate, tax with, order around. filial, illegitimate, Family, kinship, start, superscribe, familial, legitimate, illegitimacy, distant.


advise (verb)
consult, notify, instruct, cue, advise, recommend, guide, prompt, brief, confer, suggest, warn, encourage, advocate, counsel, admonish, caution, inform.
command (verb)
coordinate, charge, hold, sway, reign, grip, grasp.
control (verb)
order, command, lead, manage, govern, oversee, pilot, rule, superintend, administer, supervise, execute, steer, harness, control, dominate, preside, bridle, discipline.
direct (verb)
master, lord, boss, conduct.
give instructions; teach (verb)
address, charge, instruct, dictate, enjoin, bid, tell, order, inform, warn, command.
manage, oversee (verb)
advise, govern, superintend, supervise, shepherd, boss, rule, guide, lead, dominate, administer, control, conduct.
master (verb)
point in a direction; guide (verb)
pilot, escort, turn, steer, aim, head, cast, zero in, target, point, focus, route.
put all of efforts toward (verb)
buckle down, apply, bend, devote, throw, give.
send, usually by mail system (verb)

Other synonyms:

floodlit, illegitimate, backlit, cutting room, First-hand, phosphorescent, candlelit, fluorescent, concentrate, illegitimacy, tell, firsthand, oncoming, administrate, Participative, dub over, lob, cutaway, animation, dub in, infrared, advancing, filial, familial, vicarious, dub out. halogen, dictate, squarely, enjoin, kinship, toss, Family, hurl, devote. across, dedicate, legitimate, escort, fling, ahead, throw, soft, forward, Into, dub. bid, project. direction, distant. bend, apply, up. cast. pitch. cut. give. turn. close. advise
zero in.
lineal, linear.
Other relevant words:
forthright, engineer, bid, flat-footed, point, immediate, exact, dictate, enjoin, superscribe, address, aim, precise, directly, bend, turn.

Usage examples for direct

  1. She may as well get it direct – The Unspeakable Perk by Samuel Hopkins Adams
  2. " Then direct me to a dressing- room," ordered the stranger. – Cruel As The Grave by Mrs. Emma D. E. N. Southworth
  3. His manner was simple and direct and so kind that one could only answer him in a like spirit. – Slippy McGee, Sometimes Known as the Butterfly Man by Marie Conway Oemler