Synonyms for Soft:


agreeable (adjective)
comfortable (adjective)
compassionate (adjective)
benign, weak, simple, amiable, lax, permissive, sentimental, undemanding, indulgent, sensitive, liberal, kind, affectionate, manageable, courteous, effortless, tender.
cowardly (adjective)
cushioned, squishy (adjective)
cottony, easy, pithy, cushy, limp, doughy, flexible, fine, cozy, fleecy, spongy, downy, quaggy, velvety, smooth, flowing, elastic, plastic, flimsy, mushy, pliable, squashy, comfy, snug, cushiony, satiny, flocculent, malleable, feathery, fleshy, supple, delicate, thin, Pappy, flabby, fluffy, silky, Easeful, yielding, pulpy.
cushy (adjective)
effeminate (adjective)
effeminate, delicate, feminine, girlish, gentle, unmanly, womanish.
effete (adjective)
feeble (adjective)
decrepit, frail, powerless, doddering, fragile, run down, infirm, rickety, sickly, feeble, weak, ailing, flimsy, debilitated, faint.
fleecy (adjective)
fluffy (adjective)
woolly, downy.
harmonious (adjective)
mild (adjective)
amiable, tender, even, clement, charitable, broad-minded, cordial, mild, peaceable, peaceful, open-minded, quiet, liberal, lax, libertarian, benevolent, tolerant, meek, kind, sweet, genial, benign, permissive, gentle, forbearing, demulcent, moderate, lenient, insipid.
moderate (adjective)
composed, soothing, subdued, gentle, pacific, quiet, relaxed, cool, temperate, calm, tranquil, restrained, innocuous, moderate, easy, alleviated.
out of condition (adjective)
flaccid, pampered, fat, untrained.
pulpy (adjective)
pasty, overripe, Mashed, ripe, juicy, soggy, pureed, doughy, mushy, fleshy, pulpy, spongy, squishy.
quiet (adjective)
muffled, low, mumbling, sotto voce, soft-spoken, whispering, faint.
sensitive (adjective)
gooey, sentimental, sloppy, mawkish, romantic, sappy, schmaltzy, lovesick, starry-eyed, fanciful, tender, sensitive, mushy, poetic, maudlin, dewy-eyed.
soft (adjective)
lithe, pliable, malleable, pliant, mushy, gentle, elastic, yielding, tractable, plastic.
softhearted (adjective)
stupid (adjective)


all (adverb)


melodious, resilient, faraway, supple. elementary, convenient, fat, trouble-free, come naturally/easily/easy (to someone), undemanding, untrained. not condemn, fail to attack, slick, waxy, favor, sleek, neglect, not oppose. gutless, resist, lame duck, susceptible, be easily led, weak-willed, directionless, Pulpous, Pappy, quaggy. mellifluous, lilting, melodic, musical, whispery, rich, tuneful. slight. tenderhearted, softhearted. merciful, accept. feelings, slushy, sobby, soupy, soppy, gushy, bathetic, drippy, tear-jerking. Feeble-minded, slow-witted, simple, simple-minded, ability, half-witted, backward, Weak-minded. down, off, slack, sluggish, increase. easy (noun)
manageable, simple, effortless.
pliable (noun)
soft (noun)
cushiony, cheeselike, mellowing, softened, yielding, squashy, hushed, nonalcoholic, pianissimo assai, palatal, lax, lenient, fleecy, coddled, murmurous, softish, napped, demulcent, overstuffed, salving, palatalised, flossy, untoughened, pianissimo, spoiled, light, fricative, muffled, gentle, flabby, wooly, pampered, dull, mellow, palatalized, spongy, spirant, squishy, squeezable, softening, flaccid, piano, low-toned, low, soft-spoken, soughing, little, liquid, woolly, emollient, compliant, downy, semisoft, euphonious, diffused, muted, spongelike, weak, soft-footed, downlike, whispering, effeminate, cushy, susurrous, velvety, indulgent, cottony, murmuring, delicate, cushioned, easy, velvet, subdued, permissive, brushed, sibilant, padded, susurrant, compressible, rustling, fluffy, small, mushy, flocculent.

Other synonyms:

comfy, aerated, drippy, phosphorescent, lilting, brackish, tear-jerking, Chlorinated, floodlit, infrared, rolling, quaggy, Pulpous, boiling, sobby, flowing, Easeful, fluorescent, directionless, feathery, limp, dilute, backlit, whispery, weak-willed, bathetic, mellifluous, gushy, slow-witted, soupy, candlelit, tuneful. pale, slight, supple, halogen, tenderhearted, silky, melodic, cozy, simple-minded, saline, slushy, sluggish, softhearted, Feeble-minded, Pappy, resilient, lame duck, half-witted. musical, soppy, susceptible, Weak-minded, slack. snug, merciful. smooth. simple, down. direct, off, backward. rich. controllable
Other relevant words:
effortless, affectionate, light, tenderhearted, cushioned, flexible, flabby, flaccid, mellow, nonalcoholic, squashy, smooth, softened, cushy, softhearted, Feeble-minded, merciful, simple, slushy.

Usage examples for soft

  1. I know how to make the white man's heart soft so he cannot fight. – Red Men and White by Owen Wister
  2. It was very soft – Spotted Deer by Elmer Gregor
  3. Lucky enough for him, there was a great bank of soft snow close to the side- walk, and the most of 'em fell into that and wasn't hurt. – The Lamplighter by Maria S. Cummins