Synonyms for Green:


awkward (adjective)
callow (adjective)
untried, inexperienced.
childish (adjective)
baby, adolescent.
green (adjective)
verdant, grassy, Maturing, callow, fresh, biodegradable, beryl green, leaf green, pea green, young, naive, turquoise, absinthe, chartreuse, emerald, lime, youthful, unripe, patina, flourishing, puerile, lush, growing, jade, untrained, verdure, gullible, raw, olive, juvenile, aquamarine, mossy, apple green, leafy, verdigris, immature, kelly green.
juvenile (adjective)
junior, pubescent, growing.
leafy (adjective)
untrained (adjective)
untried (adjective)
young (adjective)
blooming, puerile, boyish, juvenile, childish, unripe, teenage, child-like, pubescent, fresh, callow, girlish, adolescent, inexperienced, immature, junior, youthful, young.


border, detailing, adornment, decoration, decor, trim, Patterning, overlay, embellishment, ornament. blue, black, alabaster, azure, amber, beige, amethyst, avocado, growing, baby blue, bluish. uninitiated, uneducated, unskilled, wan, pale, be unused to (doing) something, pallid, unqualified, untried, illiterate, peaked, untrained. ashen, group, (as) white as a sheet, haggard, washed-out, cadaverous, pinched, drawn. wampum, mazuma, long green, gelt, out of season, money, lettuce, cash, scratch, moola, baby, jack, currency, root vegetable, brass, squash, bread, dough, cabbage, lucre. coinage, coin, bill, banknote, change, copper, bucks. catalytic converter, biohazard, biodegradable, clean up, clean, carbon trading, the carbon cycle, carbon sink, biological control, carbon-neutral. pin, bowls, lawn bowling, bowler, boules, bowl, strike, frame, bowling. crisp, chilled, cream, calorific, caramelized, buttery, crispy, cool, chewy. candied, glace, seasonal, mealy, pitted, fleshy, overripe, fruit. lush, coniferous, scrubby, forested, woody, wooded. conservancy, environmentalist, the Green Party, foe, Friends of the Earth, conservationist, greenpeace, ecologist. moorland, lea, moor, grassland, Downs, field, paddock, meadow, heath. attribute (noun)
viridity, greenness.
colors (noun)
bronze, blackness, aqua, apricot, biscuit, brown, buff.
conservationist (noun)
golf (noun)
bunker, bogie, birdie, ace, bogey, caddy, backswing.
green (noun)
park, dark-green, chromatic, naive, naif, immature, greens, unripe, greenness, common, envious, jealous, desirous, putting green, viridity, unripened, greenish, covetous, green river, leafy vegetable, sick, unaged, commons, field, Light Green, ill, William Green, gullible, fleeceable.
greenness (noun)
verdancy, greenery.
inexperienced (noun)
person (noun)
William Green.

Other synonyms:

moorland, candied, ashen, meadow, lettuce, lawn bowling, greenpeace, mazuma, grassland, bowling, drawn, lea, conservationist, ripe, boules, moola, glace, cabbage, gelt, leafy, wooded, long green, bowls, environmentalist, the Green Party, heath, Friends of the Earth, haggard, forested. coniferous, pitted, conservancy, pale, dough, uninitiated, scrubby, washed-out, pallid, ecologist, currency, foe, bowler, mealy, lucre, moor, wan, wampum. untried, seasonal, cash, peaked, woody. money, brass. fruit, bowl. jack, raw, bread. pin. field. strike. light-green
Light Green.

Usage examples for green

  1. Sharply she turned, and out of the darkness two wild green eyes glared up at her. – The Bars of Iron by Ethel May Dell
  2. She said not everybody would be like Aunt 'Liza; that some people would be sure to think green was all right with my hair! – The Heart of Arethusa by Francis Barton Fox