Synonyms for Estate:


autarky, big government, absolutism, banana republic, holdings, plantation, anarchy, caretaker government, grounds, autocracy, autonomy, Centralism, coalition. circumstance, climate, context, situation, endowment, personal property, event, bequest, state of affairs, conditions, position, heritage, environment, patrimony, background. barrio, radio, journalism, press, brownfield, journalists, borough, burbs, television, cabbagetown, armpit, cantonment, agora, area, mass media, block. agribusiness, agricultural, agrochemical, agroindustry, agrarian, owned, the CAP, acre, breed, agronomy, agriculture, Agronomics. campus, back, car park, cloister, law, alleyway, alley, close, blind alley, arcade, backyard. cabriolet, dragster, classic car, compact, coupe, demo, automatic, convertible, cruiser. class, rank (noun)
situation, position.
condition (noun)
state of affairs.
estate (noun)
demesne, landed estate, estate of the realm, acres, land.
extensive manor and its property (noun)
demesne, territory, holdings, domain, grounds, ranch, area, farm, plantation.
land (noun)
lands (noun)
person's possessions, property, wealth (noun)
bequest, capital, inheritance, legacy, belongings, goods, patrimony, assets, fortune, endowment, effects, heritage.
possession (noun)
property (noun)
effects, territory, farm, stock, ground, possession, goods, fixtures, assets, legacy, title, belongings, realm, ranch, chattel, manor, kingdom, realty, holding, real estate, Resources, empire, domain, principal, inheritance, land.
real estate (noun)
landed, real property, real estate agent, surveyor, realtor, estate agent.
wealth (noun)
plenty, worth, wealth, sufficiency, landslide, opulence, riches, prosperity, affluence, property, asset, net worth, profit, plenteousness, fortune, prosperousness, possessions, capital, income.

Other synonyms:

coupe, classic car, cabriolet. convertible, cruiser, compact. demo. automatic. inheritance
real estate
grounds, real property, landed, surveyor, realtor, estate agent.
Other relevant words:
area, autarky, armpit, alleyway, backyard, heritage, block, bequest, owned, estate of the realm, Agronomics, absolutism, landed, context, burbs, grounds, barrio, coupe, background, agriculture, endowment, agricultural, automatic, campus, cabriolet, breed, environment, Centralism, agrarian, acre, agora, radio, real property, press, event, alley, back, coalition, journalism, situation, climate, autonomy, convertible, anarchy, position, agronomy, demesne, circumstance, landed estate, arcade, conditions, agroindustry, close, plantation, agrochemical, cantonment, demo, surveyor, brownfield, cloister, cruiser, law, autocracy, holdings, realtor, journalists, dragster, personal property, acres, agribusiness, compact, borough, television, patrimony, cabbagetown.

Usage examples for estate

  1. I would not learn of your estate my sons, Through others, wherefore I myself am come, Your Oedipus,- a name well known to men. – The Seven Plays in English Verse by Sophocles
  2. It takes a man of wide experience and cunning to deal with any real estate person, I guess; and most of all a New York agent. – Dorothy Dale in the City by Margaret Penrose
  3. But I received a letter from Spriggs only yesterday, written from the estate – Elsie's Womanhood by Martha Finley