Synonyms for Ground:


land (adjective)
mainland, earth, shore, coastal, beach, land.


au naturel, cooked, deep-fried, Deviled, Curried, Breaded, al dente, cold, battered. belt, terrain, claim, conservation area, corridor, conservancy, acreage. measure, appraise, come up with, Underpinning, hit on, draw a conclusion/an inference, judge, conceive, sum up, over, foot, seat, bottom, infer, bed, conceptualize, substratum. maturation, direction, development, momentum, history, advancement, advance, the march of something, progress, a giant step/leap/stride. climate, event, situation, environment, state of affairs, position, context, motivation, spring, start, conditions, circumstance. buzz, come down, drop, climb, wherefore, down, captain, ditch, eject, proof, why, airlift. point, pretext, in justification of something, excuse. backyard, allotment, border, botanical garden, herbaceous border, flowerbed, bower, garden. clay, loam, clod, mud, grit, dust, alluvium. cathode, circuitry, coil, contact, diaphragm, conduit, anode, circuit breaker, circuit board. doctrine, ideology, ism, theory, the spirit of the times/age, philosophy, culture, frame of reference, dogma. confiscate, banish, detention, fine, waterboarding, Botany Bay, kneecap, Grounded. educate, coach, induct, instruct, tutor, teach, lecture, train. coffee, tea leaf, percolate, put a kettle on, tea bag, tea, brew. come about, go about, heel, cast off, heave to, hydroplane, capsize, founder, dock. inlet, channel, lagoon, neck, open water, Narrows, sound, groundwater. contrast, coloring, color scheme, darkness, colouring, color, chromatic, flash, depth, discoloration. item, referent, subject, topic, subject matter, theme, issue, question, matter. continental drift, fault, geography, geology, faultline, geological, aquifer, crust, continental shelf. arena (noun)
beat, field, setting, circus, theater, province, room, realm, battle-ground, campus, pen, turf, amphitheater, domain, courtyard, gymnasium, gallery, arena, colosseum, hall, circle, circuit, auditorium, area, precinct, ring, bailiwick, dominion, locale, stage, battlefield, enclosure, region, hippodrome.
dust (noun)
ground (noun)
base, found, flat coat, run aground, priming coat, dry land, primer, priming, establish, soil, field, real estate, prime, terrain, basis, reason, primer coat, broken, solid ground, crushed, terra firma, anchor, land, background, turf, dust, undercoat, sand, earth, arena, loam, footing.
grounds (noun)
base, spot, seat, proof, territory, realm, campus, justification, wherefore, property, occasion, Underpinning, excuse, footing, holding, pretext, habitat, acreage, substratum, why, reason, area, call.
land (noun)
beach, mainland, shore, stone, terra firma, soil, bank, earth, coast.
place (noun)
forum, floor, habitat, location, station, site, place, spot.
property (noun)
chattel, assets, fixtures, empire, estate, Resources, wealth, kingdom, property, holding, real estate, territory, manor, possession, belongings, inheritance, realty, possessions, land, goods, legacy, farm, ranch, title, principal, stock, effects.
region (noun)
soil (noun)
start (noun)
begin, initiate, commence.


chafed (verb)
chafed, fretted, aggravated, Resisted, scrubbed, Grated, Wore, Rasped, disturbed, scraped, worn, irritated, abraded, Rubbed, harassed.
smoothed (verb)
flattened, burnished, slicked, Planed, Sanded, polished, glazed, Glossed, Evened, smoothed, Leveled.

Other synonyms:

automate, groundwater, topic, referent, ism, alluvium, sand, subject matter, doctrine, hook into, Narrows, loam, bottom, dogma, pretext, tutor, educate, waterboarding, why, position, grit, Botany Bay, frame of reference, ideology. detention, come about, lagoon, wherefore, open water, fit out, disconnect, substratum, philosophy, mud, teach. clay, culture, go about, connect, Grounded, founder, coach, excuse, hydroplane, theory, Underpinning, attach. theme, motivation, cast off, induct, instruct, necessity. proof, justification, question, alarm, initiate, neck. heel, dock. seat, matter, subject, bed, foot, point. train. fit. fine, issue, occasion, channel. sound. base
Other relevant words:
found, establish, bottom, instruct, footing, basis, base, train, loam, reason.

Usage examples for ground

  1. And he kissed her as he set her to the ground and added softly, " You have done an old man good to- day though you did not know it." – Thankful Rest by Annie S. Swan
  2. When they were ready, they dropped to the ground floor. – Mezzerow Loves Company by Floyd L. Wallace
  3. There's been a real good horse trail worked into the ground up there, ain't there? – The Plunderer by Roy Norton