Synonyms for Condition:


climate, background, state of affairs, conditions. contagion, epidemic, contingency. prohibition, restraint, range, boundary, restriction, confines. meteorology, weather, temperate, climatic, weather forecast, seasonal, barometer, zone, be, spell. mental health, ill health, need, necessary, wellness, essential, well-being, sine qua non. keep down, regulate, limited, confine, string, cure. preservation, composition, stand, constitution, as is. inure, accustom, usual, habituate, wont. illness (noun)
complaint, malady, syndrome, affection, ailment, disease, infirmity.
limit (noun)
qualification (noun)
mitigation, proviso, stipulation, exception, qualification, provision, limitation, modification, allowance, catch, reservation.
rank (noun)
requirement (noun)
must, obligation, requisite, inevitability, necessity, constraint, requirement, mandate, compulsion, inexorability, imperative, prerequisite.
requirement, limitation (noun)
exception, essential, necessity, arrangement, codicil, must, contingency, sine qua non, qualification, article, requisite, prerequisite, provision, precondition, stipulation, reservation, modification, catch, proviso.
situation (noun)
property, layout, post, quality, ambience, mode, state, status, scene, modality, style, situation, arrangement, site, station, circumstance, location, disposition, configuration, placement, environment, standing, formation, spot, position, aspect.


adapt, prepare (verb)
habituate, accustom, inure, train.

Other synonyms:

blow-dry, throw back on, comb out, contagion, backcomb, wellness, predispose, well-being, cornrow, kilter, ill health, habituate, accustom, sine qua non. constitution, mental health, inure, braid, motivate, comb. mold, incline, need, string. enter. trim. order. stand. habituate

Usage examples for condition

  1. But I'll accept on one condition – The Red Planet by William J. Locke
  2. You find this condition so natural! – The Progressionists, and Angela. by Conrad von Bolanden
  3. At last he was set free on condition that he should leave the country. – Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker by S. Weir Mitchell