Synonyms for Situation:


climate, conditions, background, context. backyard, alleyway, sphere, cloister, back, close, arcade, car park, rank, alley, blind alley, campus. orientation, collaboration, delegation, division of labor, bearing, call. footing. be. gig, slot, appointment. business (noun)
company, industry, commission, job, negotiation, occupation, position, assignment, enterprise, corporation, busy work, profession, station, merchant, establishment, exchange, activity, barter, affair, career, posting, practice, interest, retailing, concern, holding, venture, partnership, employment, livelihood, trade, vocation, management, service, business, market, commerce, transaction, labor, proprietorship, consortium, calling, selling, firm, specialty.
circumstance (noun)
conjuncture, basis, moment, incidence, event, cardinal point, happening, landmark, juncture, milestone, occasion, episode, occurrence, instant.
circumstances (noun)
circumstances, status (noun)
condition, standing, sphere, mode, place, state, state of affairs, rank, scene.
condition (noun)
state of affairs.
employment status (noun)
employment, job, appointment, office, berth, trade, placement, profession.
location (noun)
locus, place, emplacement.
occurrence (noun)
news, reality, incident.
place of activity (noun)
locus, position, footing, post, location, station, site, spot.
rank (noun)
situation (noun)
configuration, disposition, quality, ambience, environment, arrangement, position, layout, placement, place, state of affairs, condition, location, standing, berth, aspect, site, office, scene, post, style, modality, property, state, mode, circumstance, formation, spot, status.
social status (noun)
state (noun)
position, state of affairs.

Other synonyms:

climate, gig. slot, background, context, orientation, circumstances. footing. appointment, bearing. rank. Other relevant words:
backyard, orientation, cloister, collaboration, gig, close, conditions, sphere, campus, bearing, office, berth, slot, rank, state of affairs, arcade, appointment, climate, alley, back, background, footing, delegation, alleyway, context, circumstances, be, call.

Usage examples for situation

  1. Now here is the situation in a word. – A Fool and His Money by George Barr McCutcheon
  2. Yes, they'll expect you to have been crying," said Mrs. Pasmer, seeing the situation more and more clearly. – April Hopes by William Dean Howells Last Updated: February 27, 2009