Synonyms for Thing:


form, element, gadget, datum, Everything, Anything, commodity, shape, goods, materiality, piece, figure, data, fact, configuration, person, doohickey, creature, entity, gizmo, detail, item, A to Z, device, report, findings. course, demonstration, move, operation, activity, action, deed, venture, movement, feat. climate, characteristic, state of affairs, trait, environment, quality, context, position, conditions, attribute, background. model, refugee, urchin, sufferer, prototype, the personification of something, archetype, wretch, template, stereotype, case, example, patient, instance. clothes, property, possessions, fixed asset, valuables, appurtenance, asset. indication, idea, concern, uncertainty, enigma, intimation, question, word, point, perplexity, puzzle, business, mystery, contrivance, name, unknown quantity, riddle, secret, information. honey, babe, my man, duty, sister, job, bud, mate, pardner, sugar, BRO, obligation, task. lifetime, universe, enjoy oneself, live fully, do what one likes, life expectancy, lifespan. individual, be alone in (doing) something, go solo, sink or swim, existent, be, stand-alone, fend for yourself, mind your own business, do something of your own accord. machine, widget, jigger, contraption, doodad, gimmick. effect, movable, personal effects, possession, chattel, belonging, good, lares and penates, personal property, owned. gear, equipment, rig, tackle, means, paraphernalia, materiel, outfit, turnout, accouterment, apparatus. work, act, DO, Doing. happen, event, incident, happening. episode, news, development. fixation, fetish, obsession, mania. fashion, mode, style, usual, fad, craze, furor, vogue, trend, rage. forte, long suit, specialty, strong suit, strong point, ability, bag. act (noun)
duty, action, job, movement, deed, obligation, Doing, work, incident, event, happening, feat, occurrence, episode, task.
aspect, characteristic (noun)
thought, trait, quality, attribute, detail, property.
craze (noun)
entity (noun)
something, subsistence.
existence (noun)
reality, subsistence, presence, being, existence, occurrence.
gift (noun)
hang-up (noun)
idea, obsession (noun)
fetish, fixation, fad, style, mania, impression, notion, craze, opinion.
obsession (noun)
fetish, fixation.
occurrence (noun)
something felt, seen, perceived (noun)
contrivance, being, device, article, information, goods, element, means, shape, substance, existent, entity, material, form, machine, Everything, object, figure, configuration, materiality, circumstance, commodity, piece, concern, stuff, item, gadget, concept, existence, creature, affair, individual, person, apparatus, point, business, situation, matter, fact, Anything, word, body.
substance (noun)
material, matter, body, unit, something, object, stuff, article, substance.
thing (noun)
affair, matter.

Other synonyms:

doodad, personal property, long suit, organism, venture, activity, circumstance, strong suit, demonstration, unknown quantity, puzzle, doohickey, lares and penates, enigma, strong point, personal effects, gizmo, device, riddle, belonging, accouterment, widget. incident, equipment, jigger, course, secret, rig, action, piece, move, operation, paraphernalia, happening, contraption, gadget, apparatus, outfit, episode, chattel, fad, materiel, craze, obsession, Doing, entity, perplexity, vogue. gimmick, contrivance, deed, furor, turnout, trend, specialty, mania, movable, movement, uncertainty, property. fashion, fetish, fixation, possession, gear, bag, existent. event, effect, news, mystery. style, work, rage, act, business, mode. development. tackle. detail

Usage examples for thing

  1. " There's one thing I don't understand," I said, at last. – The Charm of Ireland by Burton Egbert Stevenson
  2. One thing I have never told you. – The Grain Of Dust A Novel by David Graham Phillips
  3. After that I will do the right thing – Twenty-two Goblins by Unknown