Synonyms for View:


visible (adjective)
obvious, in sight, perceivable, perceptible, not out of sight.


cartoon, diptych, abstract, caricature, bas relief, daub, canvas, tableau, doodle, aquatint, collage. author, browse, way, distance, avenue, block, call up, archive, opening, sense, burn-in, access, stretch, burn, back up. landscape, representation, believe in, adhere to, design, reproduction, incline, say, illustration, have a mind of your own, composition, origination, hold, know best. look around, check on, viewpoint. framework, contemplation, mindset, logic, school of thought, pragmatism, approach. investigate, going-over, reputation, perusal, self-assessment, stand, checkup. backdrop, mind. flip, call-in, audience, dip into, flick through, lookout, dip, channel surfing, flip through, couch potato, listen in. end, mark, target, objective, goal, intention, object, ambition, planned, point, why, aim, purpose, meaning, intent. appearance (noun)
demeanor, form, aspect, mien, display, air, show, bearing, spectacle, figure, shape, vista, appearance, cast, image, countenance, look.
belief (noun)
dogma, doctrine, postulate, persuasion, faith, idea, philosophy, creed, tenet, thought, principle, belief, opinion, certitude, credence, mind, conviction, trust, sentiment.
examination (noun)
inspection, scrutiny, contemplation, display, survey, review.
inspection (noun)
reconnaissance, review, espionage, surveillance, inspection, scrutiny, preview, supervision, overview, survey, examination, reconnoiter, oversight, voyeurism.
intention (noun)
persuasion (noun)
school of thought.
something that is seen (noun)
composition, design, look, prospect, way, representation, aspect, tableau, appearance, panorama, vista, show, spectacle, illustration, sight, stretch, glimpse, opening, scene, perspective, landscape.
thought (noun)
view (noun)
perspective, aspect, catch, horizon, consider, prospect, sentiment, eyeshot, survey, panorama, persuasion, position, vista, scene, reckon, watch, purview, see, thought, sight, look at, regard, opinion.


believe (verb)
look at (verb)
observe, regard, behold, stare, discern, see, mark, spy, inspect, watch, consider, perceive, gaze, witness.
observe (verb)
observe, gaze, witness, eyewitness, sight see, watch, spectate, perceive, behold.
perception (verb)
catch, watch, see.
see (verb)
inspect, regard, discern, glance, peek, stare, glimpse, sight, peer, spy, see, glare.

Other synonyms:

lookout, checkup, viewpoint, mindset, school of thought, framework, going-over, reputation, pragmatism, landscape. intention, perusal, contemplation, goal, self-assessment, logic. backdrop, why, intent. ambition, target, meaning. approach, object, mind. objective, sense. end. point. mark. aim
look at.
look at
position, stand.
scene, tableau.
call up.

Usage examples for view

  1. " View the pretty house at the turning of the road. – A Top-Floor Idyl by George van Schaick
  2. You take the worst view – Witness For The Defence by A.E.W. Mason
  3. May I ask what it was that you had in view – The Betrayal by E. Phillips Oppenheim