Synonyms for Piece:


mouthful (adjective)
portion (adjective)


centerfold, cartoon, cheesecake, banner headline, byline, classified ad, advice column, announcement. aria, derringer, production, novel, exposition, discussion, song, discourse, sketch, melodrama, drama, essay, harmonization, pageant, arrangement, review, memoir, commentary, ballet, monologue, criticism, treatise, thesis, air gun, bb gun, homily, 045, play, suite, dissertation, automatic, opera, treatment, air rifle, poem, paragraph, descant. substructure, detail, tell, unit, talk, reveal, study at part. canon, assemblage, DO, fine art, participate, artwork, background, chef-d'oeuvre, back catalog. crumb, a little, taster, mouthful, sample, a bit, big, hint, trace. checkerboard, chess, checker, Chinese Checkers, work, backgammon, board game, domino, counter, make, bagatelle, checkers. change, coinage, cash, copper, bucks, banknote, bread, story, squib, words, bill, coin. way, distance, block, cloud, hank, length, foam, fibre, space, stretch, froth, knot, billow, fog, fiber. drop, climb, step, range, reach, carry, depth, radius, hairsbreadth. act (noun)
allotment (noun)
dispensation, segment, portion, allocation, commission, split, apportionment, stipend, assignment, lot, allowance, quantum, part, share, slice, parcel, percentage, stake, chunk, ration, budget, division, proportion, allotment, quota, partition, measure.
allowance (noun)
commission, stipend.
article (noun)
matter, feature, detail, commentary, story, essay, paragraph, unit, thing, element.
artifact (noun)
coin (noun)
component (noun)
factor, fragment, matter, element, section, item, feature, article, material, ingredient, component, filament, constituent, medium.
composition (noun)
fraction (noun)
numerator, quarter, denominator, third.
part (noun)
end, dole, hunk, remnant, lump.
piece (noun)
dole, division, portion, end, nibble, quantity, spell, part, item, allotment, exposition, study, hunk, sketch, dissertation, firearm, arrangement, pick, interest, lump, work, lot, creation, sample, thesis, while, assemble, musical composition, opus, length, percentage, man, article, fraction, production, member, parcel, small-arm, section, composition, tack together, set up, segment, discourse, treatment, share, tack, treatise, slice, piece of music, chunk, fragment, patch, half, put together, cut, song, bit, quota.
portion (noun)
stock, helping, subdivision, compartment, dividend, interest, sector, bit, member, fraction, half.
weapon (noun)
pistol, sidewinder, sword, rapier, arrow, torpedo, repeater, battery, scimitar, trigger, bazooka, armament, browning, Bilbo, machine gun, cutlass, Remington, howitzer, bow and arrow, heater, blunderbuss, bullet, mace, mortar, broadsword, dagger, ammunition, saber, flamethrower, shooter, musket, rifle, blowgun, shotgun, cannon, revolver, luger, claymore, gun, club, peashooter, shell, handgun, blowpipe, stiletto, missile, rocket, muzzle, spear, winchester, colt, bomber, firearm, lance, ordnance, javelin, bayonet, artillery, weaponry, carbine, ax, boomerang, weapon, machete, knife.


piece (verb)
patch, assemble, make.

Other synonyms:

organism, hint, drama, block, taster, essay, substructure, hairsbreadth, thing, entity. object, exposition, paragraph, unit, remnant, play, squib, crumb. stuff, creation, radius. length, sample, distance, space. story, trace. detail, way. work, production, reach. depth, step. climb. range. drop. carry. handful
musical composition
musical composition.
Other relevant words:
end, work, opus, dole, production, coin, treatise, article, man, step, sample, study, spell, essay, play, treatment, crumb, art, lump, composition.

Usage examples for piece

  1. We have come to finish up that little piece of business with you. – Out of the Air by Inez Haynes Irwin
  2. One piece of it, anyway. – A Damaged Reputation by Harold Bindloss
  3. " It seems to us," we suggested, " that this was a piece of dead earnest." – Imaginary Interviews by W. D. Howells