Synonyms for Heap:


range, sort, organize, collate, lay out, arrange, layer. wall, abundance, profusion. gob, big, load, multiplicity, bushel, Jillion, clunker, million, scad, oodles, ream, trillion, wreck, zillion. a great deal (noun)
big, much, wealth, barrel, world, power.
amount (noun)
boat (noun)
collection (noun)
group (noun)
pile, cumulus, mound.
heap (noun)
hatful, whole lot, plenty, mickle, batch, deal, cumulus, mass, mound, slew, peck, quite a little, jalopy, sight, great deal, raft, flock, stack, muckle, tidy sum, whole slew, good deal, pile, mess, lot, bus, wad, mint, spate.
pile (noun)
stock, mow, lots, jumble, huddle, swell, drift, clump, barrow, profusion, confused mass, total, whole, packet, gathering, load, shock, bale, full house, carload, quantity, agglomeration, pyre, store, pyramid, haul, cartload, fullness, accumulation, hoard, sum, junk pile, cluster, Wagonload, aggregation, Acervation, cargo, abundance, concentration, block, Amassment, collection, lump.
pile, accumulation (noun)
fullness, trillion, gathering, plenty, mound, bank, mint, concentration, collection, jumble, whole, agglomeration, profusion, hoard, stock, mass, harvest, stack, load, cargo, clump, lots, quantity, oodles, million, lot, sum, Amassment, much, cluster, great deal, haul, batch, aggregation, lump, abundance, store, total, scad.


acquire (verb)
bag, land, catch, accumulate, fetch, assume, capture, add, claim, lure, wrangle, incur, amass, secure, get, acquire, purchase, corner, net, pocket, reap, palm, harvest, receive, obtain, take, collect, retrieve, score, garner, procure, annex, win, buy.
amass, collect in pile (verb)
accumulate, arrange, swell, add.

Other synonyms:

collate, Jillion, lay out, agglomeration, trillion, million, zillion, scad, ream, bushel. layer, multiplicity, pyramid, organize, collection, gob, accumulation, arrange. sort. range, drift, order. wreck. lavish, wall. load. bank. a great deal
wealth, world, profusion, barrel, much, abundance, power.
mass, oodles.

Usage examples for heap

  1. Then, you're a fool, and that's a heap worse. – The Last Woman by Ross Beeckman
  2. However old, ugly, and generally undesirable a man is, he'll find a heap of charming girls who are willing to marry him. – Plays: Lady Frederick, The Explorer, A Man of Honor by William Somerset Maugham
  3. It makes a heap of difference, sometimes, how a thing begins. – The Boy With the U. S. Foresters by Francis Rolt-Wheeler