Synonyms for Divide:


contrast, contradiction, dole, a world of difference, difference, diversity, divergence, distinction, variation, collision, variety. double up, switch off, redistribute, pool, assemble, ration out. take apart, take down, screen off. cairn, crag, brink, crest, cap, the brow, Brae, crown, escarpment. break off, come adrift, break/cut loose, come off, break away, come unstuck. culture medium, cell wall, cellular, cell, chloroplast, culture, cell membrane, cytology. contradict, conflict, differ, oppose, react against, contest, take issue with someone/something, dissent, disagree, reject. drive a wedge between, strain, tear apart, ignite, come between, set against, open up, play both ends (against the middle). divide (noun)
disunite, carve up, fraction, split, water parting, dissever, watershed, separate, part, split up.


alienate (verb)
push away, distance, disunite, alienate, divorce, estrange, disaffect, separate.
allot (verb)
apportion, dispense, give, allocate, allot, parcel, Mete, segment, assign, portion, ration, deal, share, earmark, distribute, allow, budget, set.
calculate (verb)
schedule, compute, count, suppose, add, systematize, estimate, quantize, presume, measure, account, score, triangulate, value, rate, think, reckon, appraise, calculate, infer, conclude, sum, approximate, study, multiply, quantify, figure, assess, weigh, gauge, surmise, plot, deduce, program, enumerate, rationalize, tally, guess, judge, total, consider, evaluate, rank, determine, scheme, plan.
contact (verb)
separate, part.
disagree, alienate (verb)
dissent, set against, come between, differ, estrange.
dissociate (verb)
disconnect, cleave, excise, sunder, disassociate, insulate, disengage, dissociate, uncouple, part, rupture, segregate, disjoin, rend, fragment, dismantle, break, split, partition, sever, halve, detach.
distribute (verb)
apportion, allocate, dispense, portion, deal, parcel, ration, split up, allot, slice, dole out, share.
diverge (verb)
branch off.
halve (verb)
branch, tear, slit, fissure, bifurcate, fork.
intervene (verb)
come between.
motion (verb)
portion (verb)
compartmentalize, zone, subdivide, dismember, chunk, piece.
put in order; classify (verb)
separate, arrange.
separate (verb)
bisect, remove, amputate, axe, dissect, Unfix, split off, unhinge, scissor, disarticulate, pare, incise, disaffiliate, slice, Unglue, disintegrate, rip, disassemble, cut.
separate, disconnect (verb)
intersect, isolate, rupture, dissolve, divorce, undo, pull away, tear, section, branch, disjoin, dislocate, disengage, part, rend, break, chop, dissociate, disunite, loose, cross, quarter, cleave, cut, segregate, dissever, partition, break down, unbind, subdivide, segment, sunder, detach, dismember, disentangle, demarcate, carve, bisect, dissect, split, sever, halve.

Other synonyms:

divvy, crag, divide off, redistribute, ration out, intersect, double up, parcel out, escarpment, take down, cairn, Brae, screen off, switch off. brink, dislocate, bite off, diverge, disentangle, set against, take apart, pool, spread-out. break down, cross, break away, break off. bend, ignite, dole, ascend, crest. tear apart, section. extend, end. open up, come off. crown. strain. alienate
set against, come between.
break off
take apart.
break open
gauge, enumerate.
branch off.

Usage examples for divide

  1. The refuse your servants can divide among them. – The Woman of Mystery by Maurice Leblanc
  2. There was not much to divide – The Happy Family by Bertha Muzzy Bower
  3. The players divide into two equal parties. – Games for the Playground, Home, School and Gymnasium by Jessie H. Bancroft