Synonyms for Member:


component (adjective)
featured, fragmentary, constituent, factoring, elemental, segmentary, fractional, sectional, component, part, ingredient.


baby, academician, associate, alumnus, brother, sister, confederate, post, arriviste, commissioner, affiliate, branch, core, comrade, charter member, chapter. arm, ball, leg, arch, ankle, calf, armpit, big toe, clubfoot, organ, limb. beaver, bits, bollocks, cojones, cervix, cervical. cross-section, class, grouping, classification, kind, taxonomy, type, variety, sort, category. dove, congressman, elder statesman, congresswoman, gentleman, congressperson, Eurocrat, free marketeer, gentlewoman, carpetbagger. appendage (noun)
extremity, feature, element, leg, fragment, organ, arm, part, limb.
component (noun)
element, filament, feature, constituent, ingredient, fragment, item, matter, component, section, article, factor, medium, material.
department (noun)
limb (noun)
member (noun)
appendage, extremity, phallus.
part of a group (noun)
chapter, cut, section, branch, comrade, parcel, component, constituent, affiliate, associate, segment, piece, division, post, portion.
portion (noun)
lot, quota, ration, fraction, chunk, part, allotment, share, bit, cut, portion, percentage, subdivision, slice, dividend, measure, budget, piece, parcel, allowance, quantum, proportion, stake, split, helping, segment, zone, division, compartment, half, interest, sector, partition, stock, commission.
representative (noun)

Other synonyms:

arm, branch, leg. limb. subsidiary
Other relevant words:
branch, calf, taxonomy, class, arm, core, alumnus, affiliate, cervical, cervix, comrade, academician, ball, associate, clubfoot, armpit, charter member, carpetbagger, arch, Eurocrat, post, arriviste, ankle, variety, bollocks, congresswoman, gentlewoman, classification, chapter, category, bits, congressman, phallus, limb, sister, cojones, confederate, beaver, baby, type, congressperson, sort, commissioner, leg, organ, kind, grouping, gentleman, dove, brother, appendage, extremity.

Usage examples for member

  1. She had, indeed, been thinking of a member of that firm ever since the decision to move to the West. – The Cow Puncher by Robert J. C. Stead
  2. Member of the well- known Glengarry family of that name. – The Makers of Canada: Index and Dictionary of Canadian History by Various
  3. Do you happen to know if I'm a member of it? – The Red Hand of Ulster by George A. Birmingham