Synonyms for Reveal:


unburden (adjective)


blab, let (it) slip, admit, lay bare, talk, leak, open up, acknowledge, avow, unfold, share, concede, spill, affirm, offload, lay something bare, spill the beans, inform, confide, come out with, explain, unbosom. throw back, strip away, strip. unclothe. evidence, evince. reveal (noun)
break, discover, let out, let on, divulge, give away, bring out, expose, uncover, unveil, display, disclose, impart.


disclose (verb)
brief, uncloak, proclaim, announce, exhibit, disclose, disseminate, testify, divulge, confess, unmask, advertise, declare, assert, communicate, express, broadcast.
disclose, tell (verb)
avow, announce, divulge, affirm, inform, declare, let out, expose, proclaim, admit, unfold, concede, talk, impart, communicate, broadcast, leak, explain, come out with, confess, give away, acknowledge, let on.
discover (verb)
dig up, fathom, disinter, educe, realize, find, identify, recognize, determine, unravel, Unriddle, solve, breakthrough, elicit, detect, unearth.
interpret (verb)
manifest (verb)
embody, evince, manifest, materialize, appear, present, demonstrate, show, display.
open (verb)
release, uncork, undo, unlock, bare, unplug, expose, unseal, open.
predict (verb)
envision, forecast, prophesy, bode, predict, speculate, foreshadow, portend.
reveal (verb)
uncover, unfold.
show, uncover (verb)
display, unclothe, unveil, disclose, manifest, bare, lay bare, unmask, open, exhibit, unearth.
uncover (verb)
unsheathe, unwrap, discover, unveil.

Other synonyms:

confide, throw back, blab, offload. admit, strip away. leak, unclothe. spill, talk. strip. acquaint
let out.
uncork, unlock.
Other relevant words:
bring out, avow, let on, share, strip, confide, evidence, spill the beans, inform, acknowledge, spill, impart, break, offload, open up, unfold, unbosom, come out with, evince, talk, leak, blab, unclothe, let out, explain, concede, admit, lay bare, give away, affirm.

Usage examples for reveal

  1. We've kep' our secret from you, mother, but the time has come- the time has come to reveal the truth. – At Love's Cost by Charles Garvice
  2. But there may be other reasons why I should reveal the thing. – Donal Grant by George MacDonald
  3. It's really the turning- point of the play, in which I reveal the true state of affairs to the audience. – The Bicyclers and Three Other Farces by John Kendrick Bangs