Synonyms for Check:


brown-bag, deposition, remittance, bus, booth, BYO, all-you-can-eat, bill of fare, cellar. rein, drop, restraint. check on, inspection, investigation, examination, comparison, look around, stare, analysis, gaze. aerial, baggage check, air rage, air mile, AIRLINK, airfare, airline, accompanied baggage, baggage storage, line, baggage allowance, sign. boundary, plaid, confines, quilt, range, patchwork. clean up, all-points bulletin, checkpoint, trouble, clue, clampdown, defeat, Amber alert, APB, agent provocateur. trammel, limited, monitor, inhibition, constraint, restriction, stricture, circumscription, limitation. articulation, scrutiny, going-over, arabesque, column, chronology, coloration, configuration, checkup, argyle, array, perusal, arrangement. hieroglyphics, hash mark, pay, caret, asterisk, reckoning, checkmark, arrow, dollar sign. scribble, start, highlight, blow in, arrive, turn up, pull in, show up, underscore, underline, reach, star, plot, stamp, get in. CT-SCAN, cervical smear, amniocentesis, blood test, diagnosis, CAT scan, autopsy, biopsy. prohibit, squash, avoid, get in the way of something, knock something on the head. grand master, chess, chessboard, castle, capture, chessman, gambit, bishop, checkmate. cashier's check, bounce, chequebook, check card, blank check, check stub, checkbook. delve, look up, dig, scout, follow up, gather. account (noun)
statement, tally.
bank check (noun)
cashier's check.
blemish (noun)
distortion, blotch, wart, abrasion, discoloration, drawback, impurity, imperfection, fault, disfigurement, eyesore, spoilage, deformity, defacement, stigma, weal, scab, sore, rift, brand, lesion.
certified check (noun)
bank check.
check (noun)
chip, deterrent, moderate, check over, delay, check mark, find out, correspond, watch, tally, curb, break, gibe, substantiation, determine, jibe, checker, discipline, condition, fit, bank check, chit, baulk, confirmation, hindrance, ascertain, impediment, arrest, checkout, agree, check out, halt, stay, hold in, hitch, look into, hold back, chequer, bridle, turn back, assay, balk, handicap, see, stop, Suss Out, tab, cheque, go over, contain, hold, stoppage, check into, control, learn, check-out procedure, verification, match, check up on.
check in (noun)
check out (noun)
investigate, look into, examine, study, test.
going-over (noun)
inspection, examination (noun)
control, scrutiny, audit, research, investigation, checkup, rein, test, review, analysis.
limit (noun)
list (noun)
history, manifest, recording, census, tabulate, logbook, list, pad, docket, annals, account, schedule, waybill, treasury, invoice, inventory, sum, recount, book, scroll, calendar, repertory, notebook, budget, dictionary, diary, daybook, catalog, index, lexicon, itemization, annual, enumeration, yearbook, tally, menu, record, digest, summary, blank-book, cash book, roll, thesaurus, roster, Storybook, workbook, registry, detail, total, scrapbook, novel, collection, journal, count, documentation, table, register, Bank book, album, statement, store, file, log, chronicle, bill, tablet, ledger.
money (noun)
income, pocket money, gold, profit, greenback, change, dough, net worth, bankroll, draft, ingot, coinage, stock, money, ways and means, iou, fortune, pounds, wampum, dollar, wallet, funds, assets, nugget, balance sheet, treasure, purse, bond, promissory note, gross, receipts, money order, wherewithal, coupon, lucre, wad, moolah, bullion, petty cash, swag, silver, issue, wealth, loot, cash, proceeds, capital, sterling, spending money, worth, copper, bank note, currency.
pattern of squares (noun)
plaid, patchwork, quilt.
restraint (noun)
restraint, hindrance (noun)
trouble, limitation, rebuff, impediment, curb, reverse, stoppage, constraint, inhibition.
symbol for ticking off (noun)
cross, mark, dot, score, sign, line.


ascertain (verb)
double check, demonstrate, establish, certify, assure, find out, substantiate, ascertain, confirm.
blemish (verb)
flaw, spot, kink, disfigure, damage, notch, deface, defect, spoil, score, abrade, scar, scuff, mark, scrape, stain, dot, hurt, scratch, blemish, fracture, chip, slit, blot, discolor, gash, taint, splotch, fleck, mar, speck, blister, tarnish, nick, freckle, hack, distort, pockmark, deform.
cognition (verb)
check over, check out, look into, Suss Out, check into, check up on, go over.
controlled (verb)
restrained, checked, under control.
dissuade (verb)
inhibit, dampen, ban, daunt, derail, avert, depress, dishearten, discourage, dissuade, chill, admonish, divert, disincline, deter, intimidate, prevent, deflect, restrain.
examine (verb)
peruse, inspect, scrutinize, review, examine, consider, observe, contemplate, study, scan, survey.
experiment (verb)
analyze, try, research, assay, probe, benchmark, determine, prove, verify, experiment, test, investigate.
hinder (verb)
foul, snarl, jam, complicate, burden, restrict, curb, plug, handicap, bung, stay, cramp, impair, delay, dam, hamper, constipate, frustrate, hamstring, cripple, baffle, choke, mire, block, clog, congest, brake, entrap, interrupt, paralyze, entangle, snag, stop, catch, thwart, fetter, tangle, constrain, encumber, crimp, detain, drag, bottleneck.
hinder, restrain (verb)
delay, frustrate, inhibit, stay, repulse, hold, interrupt, choke, hold in, hold back, halt, thwart, constrain, arrest, bridle, stop, obstruct, checkmate, bar, counteract, repress, suppress, moderate, impede, discourage, baffle, prevent, bottleneck.
inspect, examine (verb)
analyze, scrutinize, probe, note, monitor, ascertain, verify, try, confirm, study, investigate, count, prove, find out.
list (verb)
Journalize, itemize, audit, enumerate, note, summarize, collect, document.
oppose (verb)
suppress, counterattack, counter, fight, cross, antagonize, conflict, intercept, protest, contradict, repel, resist, disagree, challenge, oppress, repulse, obstruct, meddle, confront, rebuff, counteract, dispute, oppose, interfere, hinder, object, repress, impede, defy.
reject (verb)
discard, excrete, scrap, oppugn, abandon, bar, drain, secrete, eject, chop, disgorge, junk, emit, reject, blackball, jettison, snip, discharge, disclaim, deny, disapprove, blacklist, exhaust, crop, belch, cull, lop, vent, exclude, vomit, curtail, evacuate, seep, disallow, spew, excise, deep-six, eliminate, clip, erupt, trash, shear, cut, exude, shed, jilt.
variegate (verb)
tessellate, marble, streak, colorize, color, striate, stripe, checker, dapple.

Other synonyms:

boundary, chess, drop, checkbook, coloration, agent provocateur, clampdown, biopsy, diagnosis, checkpoint, check stub, chequebook, arabesque, argyle, asterisk, articulation, chessboard, going-over, autopsy, discontinuation, BYO, chessman, all-you-can-eat, cellar, plaid, CT-SCAN, grand master, configuration, dollar sign, cashier's check, due diligence, booth, cervical smear, all-points bulletin, blood test, Amber alert, analysis, check card, bill of fare, checkup, checkmark, APB, caret, CAT scan, examination, discontinuance, hash mark. scrutiny, castle, blank check, chronology, defeat, bishop, column, perusal, limitation, restraint, bus, arrow, scribble, rein, gambit, search, underscore, circumscription, hieroglyphics. inhibition, underline, clean up, patchwork, inspection, clue, monitor, cut off, restriction, cessation. arrangement, plot. bounce, constraint, array, highlight, reckoning. stamp, capture, star. line, range. analyze
establish, double check, check on, check up on.
bottle up
hold in.
look into.
checkmate, halt.
make sure
suss out
Suss Out.
Other relevant words:
balk, monitor, tab, control, checkup, reckoning, halt, checked, restraint, defeat, match, hindrance, hold back, checkmate, rein, check over, arrest, cheque, correspond, verification, check up on, bridle, stoppage, impediment.

Usage examples for check

  1. He said he would rather have that than a check – Oh, Money! Money! by Eleanor Hodgman Porter
  2. Thanks for the check – Sundown Slim by Henry Hubert Knibbs
  3. When's he going to bring you that check anyhow? – The Creature from Cleveland Depths by Fritz Reuter Leiber