Synonyms for Out:


absent (adjective)
gone, away, empty, wanting, missing, lacking, Omitted, absent, nonexistent, no-show, truant, void, abstract, vacant, elsewhere, departed.
asleep (adjective)
out cold, comatose.
broken (adjective)
comatose (adjective)
erroneous (adjective)
inappropriate (adjective)
inappropriate, improper, unfit, inapposite, unbecoming, of place, unsuited, unbefitting, inapt, unsuitable, ill-matched, malapropos.
open (adjective)
open, ajar, wide, wide-open.
out (adjective)
away, at an end, antiquated, absent, outmoded, finished, ended, outside, exhausted, dated, unfashionable.
wrong (adjective)


aside (adverb)
down, apart.
out (adverb)
out of doors, Without.


completely (adverb)
completely, totally, utterly.


fulfilled, unclassified, transparent, ended, Unaccomplished, in the public domain, public, overt, unwritten, over, accomplished, known, done, unfinished, finished. collective bargaining, action, cooling-off period, busy, left, go out on strike, grievance procedure, Receiving, direct action, general strike, industrial action, go-slow. down, spill the beans, let (it) slip, retired, leak, reveal, tell, give away, disclose, offload, betray, put out, lay something bare. inaccessible, isolated, lonely, outermost, outlying, far, remote. competing, clear, position, close, out-of-date, close-run, unpopular, outmoded, equal, unopposed, old fashioned, level. entirely, completely, outdoor, with great effort, the open air. knowledge, come to light, ground, transpire, motive, motivation, in justification of something, break, point, occasion, pretext, show, cause, reason, get out, excuse. deafening, Ear-splitting, piercing, shrill, loud, riotous, noisy, resounding, can't hear yourself think, uproarious. analog, clockwork, auxiliary, clean, automatic, built, automatically, broken, cordless, clever. complete, exhausted, anymore, at an end, through, mission accomplished, past, completed. approximate, roughly, imprecise, inexact, approximately, incorrect, broadly, inaccurate, wrong, questionable. further, all the way, little, long-distance, long. apolitical, nationalist, dissident, liberal, bipartisan, independent, coalition, front, the faithful, ministerial. distinct, plain, obvious, manifest, apparent, perceptible, visible, identifiable, noticeable. comatose, semiconscious, asleep, out cold, under, out for the count, sound asleep, fast asleep. at-bat, batboy, ball boy, baseball, balk, base, ball, ballpark, ball girl, baseline. ankle, coccyx, bone, cheekbone, backbone, breastbone, ball-and-socket joint, bone marrow, collarbone, clavicle. bail out, free, escaped, breakout, bail, escapee, bust out, break out, discharge. heterosexual, bi, closeted, fag hag, GLBT. burn down, unlit, burn out, dying, die, go out. current, ebb, course, flush, flow, maelstrom, eddy, drip. impossibility, possibly, hardly, something will not work/start/open etc., be out of the question, with the best will in the world, unbelievable, no-go. for sale, hit the town/street, etc., upcoming, on offer, on the market, on the open market. argument (noun)
beyond (noun)
beyond, distant, removed.
escape (noun)
breakout, break.
old fashioned (noun)
archaic, low-tech, antiquated, primitive, old-time, Old World, obsolete, dated.
out (noun)
come out, come out of the closet, out of fashion, outer, unfashionable, away, unstylish.
unconscious (noun)
unconscious, insensible.


come out (verb)
transpire, get out.
communication (verb)
come out.

Other synonyms:

overt, unwritten, unopposed, long-distance, close-run, the open air, unlit, unclassified, out of doors, transparent, comatose, semiconscious, known, old fashioned, outdoor. asleep, transpire, dying, outside, burn down, insensible, competing, external, upcoming, public. little, equal, position, within. beyond, die, leak. burn out. level, apart, under, From, Against. further, far. clear, close, go out. long. break. come out
old fashioned
dated, low-tech, obsolete, old-time, primitive, archaic, Old World.
Other relevant words:
apart, long, past, ended, dying, unfashionable, unpopular, beyond, onward, totally, betray, get out, utterly, unstylish, incorrect, overt, completed, out-of-date, low-tech, excuse, down, over, finished, break, out of, removed, come out, entirely, transpire, comatose, outlying, outdoors, completely, up, obsolete, little, Against, leak, outdoor, retired, old-time, archaic, visible, show, ahead, insensible, outer, asleep, From, Without, at an end, outermost, fast asleep, public, close-run, wrong, manifest, put out, external, free, distant, come to light, semiconscious, fulfilled, outmoded, exhausted, extrinsic, unopposed, along, wide, unconscious, disclose, accomplished, outside, sound asleep, upcoming, out cold, unlit, apparent, dated, further, old fashioned, antiquated, inaccurate, open, reveal, come out of the closet, clear, broken.

Usage examples for out

  1. Why should I go out to wait for you? – The Exemplary Novels of Cervantes by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
  2. You can soon find out about him. – The Triumph of Hilary Blachland by Bertram Mitford
  3. Is there any way out of this? – The Boys of Bellwood School by Frank V. Webster