Synonyms for Locate:


occupy, come across, meet with, sit, lie, get at, ferret out, designate, come upon, belong, track down, there is/are etc., stumble on, concentrate, exist. reside, put down, pile, balance, dwell, set out, inhabit. trace, run across, get, stumble across, map. Emplace. locate (noun)
situate, site, place, turn up, settle.


change (verb)
find (verb)
spot, come upon, unearth, station, position, place, pinpoint, ferret out, discover, come across, track down, stumble on, meet with, establish, get at.
install (verb)
embed, install, establish, Instate, initiate, root, plant, position, connect, ensconce, build in, place, put, fix, implant, graft, insert.
locate (verb)
lay, unearth, situate, station, pinpoint, post, set, spot, discover, find.
possession (verb)
turn up.
settle (verb)
set, reside, inhabit, situate, put, fix, dwell, stand.
situate (verb)

Other synonyms:

Emplace, track down, come across, stumble across, run across. map. trace. encounter
come upon.
live in
Other relevant words:
dwell, site, get, stumble on, settle, meet with, track down, turn up, come upon, ferret out, come across, trace, Emplace, get at, reside, inhabit, sit.

Usage examples for locate

  1. The bird is as hard to locate by sound as an echo would be and is usually much nearer than it seems when I hear him. – Old Plymouth Trails by Winthrop Packard
  2. It was the first time, he reminded himself, that he had been really tempted to locate and he certainly had struck it lucky. – Cow-Country by B. M. Bower