Synonyms for Air:


breath, ac, air conditioner, burner, dehumidifier, space, convector, air-conditioned, air conditioning, sky, ventilation, central heating, boiler. deception, character, foul play, guile, smoke and mirrors, Double dealing, misconduct, duplicity, dishonesty, corruption. allegro, andante, study at, adagio, chant, theme, bass, cantata. ceiling, aerospace, ozone layer, the biosphere, the ether, the air, the ionosphere, ozone, high, atmospheric. feelings, emotion, your inner self, undercurrent, heaven, welkin, heart, sensation, passion, frame of mind, firmament. blow, break, televise, blast, run, screen, come-on, report. airless, dense, airborne, be, airflow, Breathable, smell, tone, feel, airy, mood, feeling. facet, address, nature, peculiarity, quality, property, presence, feature, factor, component. comment, honest, affectedness, formulate, articulate, pronounce on, true, speak out, remark, express, state, sound off. boil, come off, come out, drip-dry, hang out, hang up, dry cleaner's, dry clean, dhobi. air (noun)
climate, atmosphere, weather, oxygen.
appearance (noun)
cast, demeanor, image, mien, shape, spectacle, appearance, look, countenance, vista, figure, bearing, view, form, aspect, display.
attribute (noun)
behavior (noun)
carriage, behavior, way, procedure, manner, tactics, deportment, practice, method, conduct, comportment.
distinctive quality or character; style (noun)
bearing, mood, atmosphere, affectation, mannerism, manner, pose, quality, address, mien, feel, deportment, presence, feeling, property, look, tone, comportment, demeanor, appearance.
gases forming the atmosphere (noun)
breath, breeze, wind, blast, sky, ventilation, draft, ozone.
music (noun)
blues, score, concert, quartet, vocalization, chorus, syncopation, tune, music, ditty, ballad, lullaby, harmony, sonata, psalm, ballet, song, serenade, lyric, aria, carol, arrangement, melody, concerto, symphony, jazz, composition, bebop, hymn, instrumental.
musical tune (noun)
melody, aria, theme, song.
prevalent (noun)
abroad, fashionable, current, popular, in circulation.
state of mind (noun)
wind (noun)
cyclone, gale, storm, tornado, trade wind, twister, blizzard, tempest, draft, wind, hurricane, chinook, whirlwind, squall, breeze, gust.


express opinion publicly (verb)
display, state.
touch (verb)

Other synonyms:

articulate, airflow, Breathable, burner, character, ventilation, central heating, dense, cantata, convector, air conditioning, speak out, welkin, dehumidifier, boiler, air-conditioned, hang up, hang out, airy, air conditioner, sound off, airless, dhobi, pronounce on, affectedness, heaven, dry clean. allegro, adagio, theme, ozone, drip-dry, remark, chant, formulate, firmament, boil, andante. airborne, come off, bass, comment, express. mood. blast, feeling, current, presence, state. come out, tone. firmament
Other relevant words:
be, report, passion, airy, aerospace, emotion, heart, airflow, presence, nature, firmament, feelings, facet, welkin, articulate, drip-dry, heaven, corruption, affectedness, blast, space, feeling, formulate, character, property, popular, component, run, peculiarity, high, andante, televise, fashionable, abroad, Double dealing, boil, duplicity, guile, bass, breath, mood, express, ozone, airborne, blow, burner, dhobi, dehumidifier, ceiling, comment, tone, theme, airless, address, quality, remark, undercurrent, dense, sky, misconduct, allegro, feature, boiler, smell, honest, sensation, feel, cantata, factor, dishonesty, chant, air-conditioned, current, Breathable, deception, convector, screen, ventilation, dry clean, break, atmospheric, true, state, adagio.

Usage examples for air

  1. And if I make the air my own, then I am master of all life!" – The Air Trust by George Allan England
  2. Don't you think a drive in the open air would do you good? – The Desired Woman by Will N. Harben
  3. Into the open air – Faust by Goethe