Synonyms for Peculiarity:


component, facet, aspect, factor. heathen, extremism, be, freethinker, savor, bad apple, iconoclastic, iconoclast, liberal, heretic, infidel. differentiation, otherness, asymmetry, usual. attribute (noun)
character (noun)
description, stature, personality, character, kind, repute, reputation, class, nature, standing, disposition, temperament.
characteristic; oddity (noun)
specialty, quality, character, abnormality, distinctiveness, trait, freakishness, particularity, unusualness, property, savor, eccentricity, idiosyncrasy, mark, feature, mannerism, quirk, singularity.
distinctiveness (noun)
peculiarity (noun)
distinctiveness, rarity, specialty, specialness, oddment, oddity, speciality, distinctive feature, curio, curiosity.
specialty (noun)
forte, way, particularity, hallmark, trait, mannerism, specialization, flavor, quirk, feature, cachet, specialty, quality, property, keynote, characteristic, Discriminant, stamp, mark, definiteness, individuality, figure.
unconformity (noun)
divergence, unconventionality, deviation, curiosity, irregularity, abnormality, nonconformity, aberrance, derangement, oddity, idiosyncrasy, strangeness, freakishness, aberration, outlandishness, incongruity, inconsistency, uncommonness, singularity, anomaly, uniqueness, quirkiness, funniness, incompatibility, impropriety, unfamiliarity, difference, exception, eccentricity.

Other synonyms:

component, facet, aspect, otherness. factor. savor. Other relevant words:
distinctiveness, unusualness, distinctive feature, oddment, facet, heretic, infidel, speciality, be, heathen, factor, asymmetry, curio, iconoclastic, character, freethinker, rarity, aspect, usual, liberal, specialness, extremism, otherness, differentiation, savor, iconoclast, component.

Usage examples for peculiarity

  1. You need not be annoyed by the peculiarity of your attire. – A Bicycle of Cathay by Frank R. Stockton
  2. It was after one of these remarks, that for the first time she ventured to examine into the charm and peculiarity of the countenance of the speaker. – Falkland, Complete by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  3. What was its peculiarity – Who Goes There? by Blackwood Ketcham Benson