Synonyms for Image:


model (adjective)
example, prototype, ideal, sample, model, exemplary, simulation, specimen, archetypal, instance.


belief, commitment, philosophy, memory, faith. counterpart, tale, reduplication, same, replication, story, simulacre, profile, carbon copy, version, description. portrait, art, back catalog, spitting image, background, canon, chef-d'oeuvre, fine art, ringer, artwork, assemblage, creation, composition. number one, self-critical, self-styled, self-described, do someone/yourself an injustice, self-deception, self-image, self-proclaimed, ego, surface. mirrored, mirror image, mirror. appearance (noun)
spectacle, bearing, mien, demeanor, display, shape, appearance, cast, vista, air, view, figure, form, look, aspect, countenance, show.
attribute (noun)
cognition (noun)
mental image.
concept (noun)
conception, trope, perception, vision, notion, idea, thought, impression.
double (noun)
spitting image, ringer.
duplicate (noun)
clone, counterfeit, icon, carbon, xerox, duplicate, parody, reproduction, simulacrum, resemblance, double, ditto.
figure of speech (noun)
idea (noun)
conception, notion, idea, reflection, plan, thought, observation, brainstorm, concept, perception, opinion, theory, vision, supposition, design, inspiration, inkling, principle, ideation, consideration.
image (noun)
envision, prototype, icon, paradigm, project, see, fancy, look-alike, picture, epitome, persona, visualise, double, figure of speech, simulacrum, trope, visualize, effigy, mental image, figure, ikon.
imitation (noun)
simulation, duplication.
mirror image (noun)
model (noun)
look-alike, figurine.
representation (noun)
cartoon, bust, carving, replica, picture, facsimile, illustration, approximation, outline, miniature, imitation, depiction, pastiche, idol, model, portrayal, metaphor, snapshot, silhouette, rendering, likeness, copy, impression, duplication, representation, drawing, photograph, effigy, analogy, figurine, statue.
representation; counterpart (noun)
double, illustration, idol, statue, reflection, appearance, facsimile, model, replica, reproduction, spitting image, form, carbon, copy, photograph, carbon copy, figure, likeness, effigy, portrait, simulacre, simulacrum, drawing, icon, picture.
thought (noun)

Other synonyms:

self-critical, carbon copy, self-proclaimed, self-image, replication, ringer, self-deception, simulacre, self-described, mirrored, reduplication, spitting image, self-styled. mirror image, ego, counterpart, portrait. mirror. number one. plan
Other relevant words:
background, assemblage, belief, version, story, ego, figure of speech, artwork, same, reduplication, mental image, carbon copy, self-deception, faith, ringer, surface, portrait, self-image, self-critical, tale, philosophy, canon, mirrored, composition, visualize, commitment, self-styled, creation, art, envision, self-proclaimed.

Usage examples for image

  1. We have the image of a man who is conscious that he does not fall short of the ideal for which he offers himself. – Edward Caldwell Moore Outline of the History of Christian Thought Since Kant by Edward Moore
  2. I left him standing like a frozen image staring after me. – First Person Paramount by Ambrose Pratt
  3. After being exposed to the daylight in the usual way, the paper is placed in hot water, where the image is developed. – Great Inventions and Discoveries by Willis Duff Piercy