Synonyms for Strength:


proficiency, gift, experience, prowess. balance, centripetal force, calorific, attraction, capillary action, in view of, Since, absorbance, as a result of, Because, air resistance, centrifugal force, amplitude, bonding. branch, core, arriviste, commissioner, academician, sinew, alumnus, baby, associate, confederate, charter member, strong, Thew. constraint, duress, oligopoly, coercion, pressure, attack, monopoly, leadership, greatness, compulsion. fitness, integrity, virility, better, wholeness, athleticism, soundness, solidity, resistance, endurance. continue, convertible, stableness, currency, decimalize, security, change, fastness, basket, denominate, common currency, base currency, decimalise, sureness, steadiness, bureau de change. bed, can, bowl, batch, bowlful, C, crumb, get-up-and-go, peppiness, consumption, go, cake, action, bite. constancy, permanence, consistency, continuation, survival, eternity, continuity, longevity, preservation. Inviolability, invincibility, robustness, hardiness, indestructibility. pattern, noise, sound, scratchiness, reverberation, resonance, reediness, screechiness. advantage, substance (noun)
core, license, strong point.
authority (noun)
commission, clout, charge, prerogative, precedence, kingship, enfranchisement, superiority, empowerment, mastery, title, purview, cogency, faculty, birthright, office, mandate, sway, Prepotency, punch, rank, primacy, command, stature, sovereignty, prestige, control, steam, entitlement, domination, right, license, seniority, credential, privilege, authority, powerfulness, influence, mightiness.
control (noun)
density (noun)
energy (noun)
fervor, zeal, might, zip, effervescence, spunk, vivacity, power, potency, vigor, spark, spirit, energy, zing, snap, stamina, fire, drive, puissance, verve, force, activity, pep, vim.
forcefulness (noun)
good condition (noun)
health (noun)
lustiness, hardiness.
healthiness (noun)
influence (noun)
intensity (noun)
effectiveness, depth, concentration, fervor, spirit, cogency.
life (noun)
patience (noun)
acceptance, forbearance, patience.
power (noun)
grasp, competence.
soundness (noun)
stability (noun)
sturdiness, steadiness, stableness, sureness.
stamina, mental or physical (noun)
firmness, power, force, energy, nerve, backbone, stoutness, vigor, brawn, stableness, muscle, stability, security, health, sturdiness, toughness, zip, might, vitality, hardiness, steadiness, clout, soundness, tenacity, durability, fortitude, potency, robustness, physique, vim, lustiness, sinew.
strength (noun)
firmness, toughness, posture, stoutness, forcefulness, strong suit, potency, speciality, military posture, muscle, military strength, long suit, strong point, intensity level, effectiveness, vitality, enduringness, lastingness, huskiness, forte, stability, military capability, force, metier, sturdiness, specialty, persuasiveness, durability, brawn.
strong point (noun)
long suit.
tenacity (noun)
hardness, obstinacy, tenacity, determination, viscidity, bullheadedness, stiffness, steadfastness, persistency, doggedness.
vigor (noun)
eagerness, fervency, earnestness, enthusiasm, Ardency, gusto, excitement, industriousness, agitation, friskiness, lustiness, passion, relish, sprightliness, zest, agility, liveliness, exuberance, animation.

Other synonyms:

duress, noise, solidity, wholeness, coercion, reverberation, sinew, peppiness, get-up-and-go, endurance, fastness. compulsion, constraint, resonance. integrity, resistance, security. pattern. sound. build
acceptance, forbearance, patience.
Other relevant words:
constancy, virility, pattern, solidity, coercion, bite, forcefulness, acceptance, wholeness, strong point, constraint, reverberation, leadership, resistance, duress, forte, gift, strong, amplitude, get-up-and-go, robustness, integrity, backbone, longevity, specialty, speciality, effectiveness, strong suit, lastingness, intensity level, depth, long suit, military posture, persuasiveness, military strength, steadiness, greatness, physique, metier, attraction, soundness, posture, security, durability, hardiness, health, Thew, action, sinew, fastness, pressure, core, patience, sound, permanence, go, stableness, concentration, compulsion, military capability, endurance, sureness, nerve, enduringness, baby, invincibility, peppiness, fortitude.

Usage examples for strength

  1. But that indeed would mean the end, for if she had had the strength to go away now, she would surely never come back and break in on his life a second time. – The Patrician by John Galsworthy
  2. Strength seemed given me, for I never felt my body. – The Green Satin Gown by Laura E. Richards