Synonyms for Original:


beginning (adjective)
introductory, preparatory, genesis, initial, infantile, beginning, embryonic, infant, alpha, aboriginal, Commencing, germinal, inaugural, hatching, preliminary, primordial, fetal, Inceptive, emerging, sprouting, maiden, early, newborn, precursory, primeval, baby, nascent, new, incipient, primal, starting, first, foremost, formative, Dawned, budding.
creative (adjective)
fertile, conceptive, visionary, resourceful, productive, inventive, prolific, imaginative, constructive, innovational.
different (adjective)
earliest (adjective)
first, prime, underived, primitive, genuine, primeval, pioneer, primary, primordial, elementary, aboriginal, maiden, starting, opening, infant, authentic, Commencing, initial, underivative, embryonic, early, Rudimental, Inceptive, archetypal, introductory, rudimentary, beginning.
early (adjective)
fresh, new (adjective)
innovative, creative, unusual, novel, unprecedented, resourceful, innovational, seminal, productive, unconventional, quick, innovatory, inspiring, inventive, ingenious, ready, fertile, imaginative, sensitive, formative.
in the beginning (adjective)
original (adjective)
genuine, authentic, initial, first, prototypical, novel, unique, ingenious, creative, innovative.
true (adjective)
unorthodox (adjective)


daub, new-fashioned, firsthand, unexampled, single, unusual, aquatint, principal, independent, unused, abstract, canvas, bas relief, diptych, lone, elemental, one, pure, cartoon, collage, copied, caricature, sole, Imitated, doodle, earliest. opening, from the get-go, front end, prime, start, all along, pioneer, at first. individual, radical, product, type, variety, underlying, basic, dog, basal, foundational, character, surface, mixture, Jekyll And Hyde, species. photocopy, copy, replica, reproduction, transcript, imitation, tracing, duplicate, forgery. bona fide, indubitable, actual, undoubted, good, unquestionable. unfamiliar, unprecedented, different. ability, innovatory. original (noun)
daring, forerunner, archetype, first, new, master copy, pattern, prototype, novel, pilot, seminal, innovational, freehand, fresh, newfangled, avant-garde, precursor, underived, freehanded, master, underivative, germinal, innovative.
person who is eccentric (noun)
precursor (noun)


separate (verb)

Other synonyms:

intelligent, underlying, Jekyll And Hyde, species, recent, innovatory, earliest, photocopy, all along, single, front end, foundational, replica. forgery, undoubted, duplicate, opening, transcript, basal, indubitable, bona fide. mixture, tracing, imitation. different, type, character. product, unquestionable, basic. variety. dog. good. interesting
primary, rudimentary.

Usage examples for original

  1. Yet this book was the one over which he took the greatest pains, and for which he made his only serious attempt at something like original investigation. – William Hickling Prescott by Harry Thurston Peck
  2. In the original meaning of the word, a friend is a lover. – Quiet Talks on Power by S.D. Gordon