Synonyms for Landscape:


canvas, collage, daub, scenery, abstract, bas relief, diptych, caricature, aquatint, aspect, view, panorama. claim, corridor, domain, mural, acreage, conservation area, dry land, conservancy, belt, border, photograph, enclosure. compost, cross-fertilize, bed out, bonsai, drill, cross-pollinate, aerate, feed, deadhead. factor, nature, property, peculiarity, facet, quality, feature, component. capitalize, copperplate, full page, capitalise, format, dotted line, bold, galley, font. drawing (noun)
tracing, study, depiction, still life, masterpiece, doodle, Water color, diagram, scene, cartoon, painting, plan, charcoal, portrait, sketch, illustration, pastel, blueprint, rendering, drawing, picture.
landscape (noun)
painting, panorama, view, mural, scenery, photograph, landscape painting, sketch, scene.
perspective (noun)
scene (noun)
view (noun)

Other synonyms:

nature, view. Other relevant words:
mural, panorama, scenery, photograph, landscape painting, view, nature, aspect.

Usage examples for landscape

  1. Mr. Wagg gazed off across the landscape as if wondering how much of a trail he had left. – When Egypt Went Broke by Holman Day
  2. The road was a continual up and down; on each side was a variegated landscape of meadows, richly wooded slopes and frowning cliffs. – A Hero of Liége by Herbert Strang
  3. Next morning the August haze lay soft on the landscape but in a short time it went off, and Father, learning that we girls were going to spend a part of the day in the woods, quietly told the boys that they must escort us to the pleasantest place, and not wander very far off. – Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad by Various